CCTV5 live, China and South Korea battle for two gold MEDALS at 18 points!The South Korean giant stepped in to warn the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation

Around 18 p.m. Tuesday, two more heavy gold MEDALS will be contested in short track speed skating: the women’s 3km relay and the men’s 500 meters.As things stand, China and South Korea are going to have a fierce battle again, and there is a good chance that both China and South Korea will go to the final to compete for the gold medal.Results before they start the game, South Korea’s leader, their sports association President met with the President of the international HuaLian, the requirements of the public, to the team a so-called justice a refereeing decisions, don’t know how you look at South Korea to the international HuaLian pressure of such a practice, can pass in the comments below, tell me what you think, thank you.First of all, in the current short track speed skating competition, The Chinese team has won two gold MEDALS and the Korean team has won one.There were nine gold MEDALS in short track, four for men and four for women, as well as one for the mixed relay, which was the first gold medal taken by China.Then, four more gold MEDALS will be awarded, and who is the no.1 short-track power between China and South Korea will enter the fierce competition.So that a woman in previous 1 km of the game, when South Korea had a chance to win, but Cui Minjing strategy is not very good, with sliding in the end want to transcend the Dutch ShuErTing, and even made a foul action, are not able to block ShuErTing, but the referee punches lenient, not deprived of their silver medal.Instead, the South Korean team was furious and protested to the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation, arguing that they should take the gold medal from Schulting.They do this purpose, because they have seen before is a man’s game, the Hungarian shao-lin liu has reached back at the last moment, and then to block the action of all, eventually shao-lin liu was sent off the gold medal, inherited by the President of all, and they think the same of this event, if the reference the same standard, so this gold should be received by south koreans,So the Koreans should be tied with the Chinese with two gold MEDALS right now.In this ceremony at that time, South Korea, the President of the sports association Li Jixing, fucking together with the President of the international HuaLian wear their horses as a guest for the award, the results when the two men have communication, Korean sports association today formally this Li Jixing, it says has brought pressure to the international HuaLian PresidentHe also made a clear appeal to the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation (ISU) to maintain a fair and fair punishment and not to target the Korean team in the competition for the four gold MEDALS.On the other hand, the president of the International Skating Federation (ISU) promised to ensure fairness and justice as much as possible, and a Korean reporter said yesterday that the Korean team has filed a first appeal to the ISU after the first dismissal of Hwang Dae-heon and others.Since that appeal process, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation has changed the rules, adding two more lines to the four used by referees to determine who committed a foul on a video.The South Koreans said it was just for them to hold out and get what they called a “just result.” Then, if there is another unfair penalty against the South Korean team, they will hold out.I don’t know how we look at such behavior, after their so-called pressure, maybe tonight the Chinese team wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, including our women’s 3km relay team, must be careful, not to fall into their trap, must be careful of the Korean team.

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