Fan Zhiyi of divine prediction issued a document, revealing the root cause of China’s national football team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam

Last night, China’s national football team lost 3-1 to the Vietnamese national team on the Chinese New Year’s Day, one of the most joyous days of the year for the Chinese people, disappointing fans across the country and reminding them that Chinese football can be reduced to losing to Vietnam.”This is the level of Chinese football,” gao Lin, then Evergrande’s national defender, said in an interview after the game, after China lost 5-1 to Thailand’s second-tier youth team to get rid of former coach Ricardo Camacho.Fan Zhiyi, a former member of the National team who reached the 2002 World Cup finals and who is called the “general”, stopped criticizing Chinese football after losing to Thailand.It is divine predict, China national football team after losing Thailand will lose Vietnam team.Unexpectedly nine years later, when Fan Zhiyi indignant words actually come true.The Chinese national football team really lost to Vietnam 3-1 last night.Had it not been for wei Shihao’s cross in stoppage time and Xu Xin’s goal from the middle to avoid a zero, China would have been even more humiliated.After China lost 3-1 to Vietnam, Fan Zhiyi, who had predicted that football has no national boundaries, said in a long post on the Internet: Football needs a sense of ritual, cohesion and inheritance.The bigger question now is whether we can restore the heritage of football and allow others to walk on our shoulders.If through our youth work, there is a group of children can know how to treat people, know how to observe the changing situation on the pitch, know how to make more rational decision under pressure, even more reasonable about winning or losing, just know how to let them know that is the goal, winning to accept and process to enjoy, the meaning of that football is enough.If we these people put their position is not right, that Chinese football really no play;Only when we start from a small environment and make changes, can Chinese football get back on track.The most important thing is that Chinese football can no longer be divided into you, me and him.The whole article, in addition to the unreachable topic of youth training, also mentioned the need for cohesion of Chinese football, Chinese football should return to the right track, no longer divided into you, me and him.This also pointed out that the root cause of China’s national football team defeat to Vietnam is the lack of cohesion of the national football team, the players are divided into you and me.Perhaps it is for this reason that the wily Silver fox, Italian coach Marcello Lippi decisively resigned as Head coach of the Chinese national football Team to avoid the ruin of his reputation.Li Tie, who took over, was strongly supported by the Chinese Football Association and led the National football Team into the World Cup, but was dismissed because of the naturalization of the use of problems and his own private mistakes.Li Xiaopeng, who took over the national football team, faced the situation of Lippi at that time, because he was not elected by the Chinese Football Association to do the coach.Under the multi-angle struggle, The Chinese national football team led by Li Xiaopeng lacked cohesion. As Fan Zhiyi said, the players were divided into you, me and him!The loss to Vietnam also had something to do with it.

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