More than half of the Spring Festival holiday, jinan sports tourism heat is not reduced, cultural venues to stroll

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Xiao-mei han correspondent Wang Xiaoman 2022 fifth day lunar New Year holiday, January 4, as the lunar New Year holiday in the final three days, more and more citizens from outside, into the cultural venues and scenic spot, jinan cultural tourism elaborate organization of all kinds of fake Japanese tour activities, not only satisfy the public visitors diversification demand,And create a strong atmosphere of happy New Year.On February 4, the 26 scenic spots monitored in Jinan received 348,000 tourists and achieved a revenue of 13.787 million yuan.Among them, the No.1 Spring Scenic Spot received 91,000 tourists, Qianfoshan Scenic Area received 13,900 tourists, Impression Jinan · Spring World Tourism Scenic spot received 67,400 tourists, Sunac Culture Tourism City received 65,000 tourists, Huayi Brothers Film Town received 70,300 tourists;The city received a total of 36,700 registered accommodation passengers;A total of 47,200 passengers were transported by transport, including 19,900 by railway, 14,000 by civil aviation and 13,300 by road.The lunar New Year holiday, jinan cultural center organization “and the pact Intangible spring-heralding “jinan nonyl Yin paper-cut art show, centralized display with” zodiac tiger “as the theme, highlight the local characteristics of jinan paper-cut, a new era of the full performance springs love life, maintain the spirit of the people to express true feelings of a well-off life, express for the Chinese dream good dreams of paper-cut works.Qicaiquan creative Art Workshop — Tigerhead hat making online broadcast will be held by the municipal Library. The children’s reading promoter will lead children and parents to experience and learn the tigerhead hat making process, wishing quancheng children healthy and happy growth in the Year of the Tiger, which embodies the strong characteristics of the Year of the Tiger.City museum launched early spring couplets exhibition, exhibits displayed according to time sequence, from the author’s brief introduction, couplet annotation and the source, the story behind the couplets couplets and cultural aspects of comprehensive interpretation, based on the couplet of catalogues, already let the audience friends personally felt thick festival atmosphere, and realize the extensive and profound Chinese calligraphy art and couplets ring of art.Since the opening of the 2022 Jinan Excellent Drama Online exhibition and broadcasting activity on the first day of the Chinese New Year, 30 “cloud” audio-visual feasts have been successively displayed through the network platform, continuously making everyone feel the warmth and taste of spring city Jinan.Impression of Jinan folk culture heritage art troupe, people stage organized by Beijing Opera, Lu Opera, gongs and drums and other folk performances, enrich the atmosphere during the festival, for citizens, tourists in the festival brings a good place for leisure and entertainment.Each district and county cultural centers, museums, libraries are introduced to reflect the local characteristics of the exciting show performance and folk activities, among them, jiyang area cultural center in 2022 the “golden tiger in order to meet the New Year” series of cultural activities, “” soul tiger in delight” magic acrobatic special “, select some outstanding programs such as magic, acrobatics, for citizens on the performance of other things.”Winter in Jinan” 2022 Spring Festival Golden Week sports tourism routes and “winter beauty, Beauty in Jinan” 2022 Spring Festival Golden Week sports tourism routes are popular with citizens and tourists, especially through the Winter Olympics to further stimulate citizens’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports, jiudingta China National Joy Park to carry out ski season activities,There are advanced ski slopes with the largest and longest slope in the province, professional parent-child ski slopes and independent ski slopes for children, allowing tourists of different ages to enjoy all kinds of skiing events;The snow and ice Carnival project in Longmen Mountain Scenic Spot specially creates one-stop parent-child activities such as making snowmen, having snowball fights, enjoying ice hangings and playing with snow.Paomaling Qilu Snow Country is divided into four sections: snow country theme area, Happy tribe, Screaming tribe and Coldplay tribe, allowing tourists to play with snow, go off-road and taste the characteristic food of snow country pot stew.The Xi Icefall Tourism Festival is held in Laiwu Caishixi, allowing visitors to watch the icefall, icefall, rime and other self-heating landscape, get in close contact with a variety of wild animals in the wild zoo, and also taste the local black pork, venison and other specialty food.The city’s holiday tourism market is stable and orderly, and no tourism safety accidents occurred.

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