Shen Xin blind date is what drama plot?

Shen Xin dating is the plot of the TV series Deep White Remarriage.When Deep White Remarriage goes on, it’s a family ethics play.Starring Cao Bingkun, Yao Qianyu, Zhang Duo, Gao Lu and other actors, directed by Li Wei, screenplay by Li Rong, Yang Jie.This play mainly tells that Goofy is a very decisive person at work and a strong personality, but she is not good at dealing with family relations.Fly high therefore in the misunderstanding of the time, not able to explain clearly, resulting in divorce.When she met another man, she refused to be dissuaded and insisted on marrying him.When Gao Fei accidentally learned that his bestie like his ex-husband, now her mother-in-law is also embarrassed themselves everywhere, the contradiction between sister-in-law, career is also affected by interference from the family, Gao Fei in these messy things step by step from green to mature.This play tells the story of marriage, close to the real life of the plot, so that the audience resonance enhanced, family, love, friendship between the collision, the story is very attractive.

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