The women’s soccer team won the championship, which marketing enlightenment to us?

On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the women’s football team began to surprise us. Compared with the men’s football team on the first day of the first lunar month, the women’s football team changed from 0:2 — 2:2 — 3:2, and undoubtedly became YYDS.Through the women’s soccer team’s 3-2 victory over South Korea, we can see that some things do not depend on throwing money at the desired goal, but on advanced technology, determination to win and teamwork.Similarly, in the process of our marketing, in the face of increasingly fierce domestic competition, the iterative update of new technologies and new algorithms, as a marketing er, must not rely on excess budget to achieve marketing goals.Too many people blame budget shortfalls when marketing results fall short of expectations.But have we reflected: do we have the determination to keep the ROI above 8?Are we confident we can achieve multiples of our marketing target?Do we have clear strategies and steps to achieve this goal?Do we have the support team to achieve our goals?Therefore, through the women’s football team to win the championship, we need to clearly understand that if we do not have the determination to win, do not have a strong professional skills, strong execution of the team, no matter how much budget, can not achieve rapid growth, what is the use?

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