We were sloppy without Lebron. Hopefully he’ll be back soon

The Lakers led by as many as 11 points, but the Hawks rallied 38-20 in the fourth quarter to lose the game.But westbrook, Timberlake and Monk all played well, scoring 20, 27 and 33 points, respectively. Westbrook also dished out 12 assists, and the late-quarter collapse highlighted the lakers’ wobbles.”We’re a mess without him. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.”At 37, lebron remains one of the lakers’ most consistent players and has the biggest thighs, but the latest test results showed that the knee injury was not serious, just common swelling, otherwise fans would have been sad for the veteran.In recent games, westbrook has clearly warmed up, and some role players have been playing well, but they have lost three games in a row, and a win is hard to come by. Maybe with James back, they will be good again, and we believe that James and the lakers will not be so easy to end this season.

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