We will continue to build a law-based business environment

The picture shows Hu Chunlian (middle) visiting the scanning service center of Yueyang Lou District Court.On February 14, Hu Chunlian, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, was invited to the People’s Court of Yueyang Lou District in Yueyang city, Hunan Province to visit and investigate the work of optimizing the business environment.Hu chunlian visited the lawsuit service center, the scanning service center and the newly built Kangwang People’s Court, and experienced the new judicial service measures such as self-filing and self-marking papers, and carefully inquired about the electronic seal and paperless case handling in the hospital.Li Weidong, the party secretary and president of Yueyang Lou District Court, introduced to Hu Chunlian that in recent years, Yueyang Lou District Court has introduced 18 measures to escort the development of enterprises.Priority is given to service of enterprise-related cases, and the integrated service of “material receipt and transfer + intensive service + filing” is implemented;Holding seminars on judicial services for private economy, carrying out visits to “private enterprises” and activities of “sending legal services to enterprises”;Vigorously promote online case handling of the whole process, and accurately distribute cases involving enterprises.In 2021, the Yueyang Lou District Court mediated 4,865 enterprise-related cases online, of which 3,129 were successfully mediated, and the success rate of pre-lawsuit mediation reached 64.3%.Hu Chunlian fully affirmed the work of optimizing the business environment of yueyang Lou District Court.She said the yueyang Lou District Court has made remarkable achievements in optimizing the business environment and improving the quality and efficiency of trials.”I hope the Yueyang Lou District Court will continue to promote the construction of a law-based business environment, ensure the stable development of enterprises, and contribute to the high-quality development of the economy and society,” she said.

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