Yuzhou CDC reminds: Food safety during the Spring Festival should pay attention to these points

The Spring Festival is the peak period of all kinds of food consumption, and the diet life during the Spring Festival changes greatly compared with the usual. Large quantities of food will be purchased intensively and a large number of dishes will be prepared. If the procurement, processing and storage links are slightly improper, it will cause food safety risks.During the Spring Festival during the high incidence of foodborne disease events, Yuzhou CDC reminds you to pay attention to the following aspects: 1, food procurement, pay attention to protection, careful inspection.Try to avoid online shopping or purchasing cold-chain food from overseas and regions in China where cases have been reported.If you need to buy, you should go to the regular market or supermarket with legal business qualifications to buy.When purchasing cold-chain food, buy cold-chain food with “food safety tracing code”. Imported cold-chain food can check product testing and tracing information by scanning the cold-chain tracing code in the provinces and cities.Don’t buy food from unlicensed vendors and don’t buy cold chain food from unknown sources.Take personal precautions when purchasing food.Pay attention to personal protection and external package disinfection when purchasing, cleaning and processing chilled food. Wear masks and gloves, avoid direct contact with hands, wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer immediately after the event, and do not touch the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts before washing.It is recommended to change or clean and disinfect the external packaging of pre-packaged imported cold chain food.2, the source is unknown, wild bacteria game, never eat.When buying meat and other food, we should pay attention to the freshness and quarantine chapter of the quarantine department.Do not buy, process and eat food of unknown origin, livestock, poultry or aquatic products of unknown cause of death, do not contact wild animals, do not eat game;Do not pick, eat unknown wild fungi, wild vegetables and fruit.Food with changed color, smell and taste should not be eaten, even if it is boiled.When buying food and stereotyped packaging food, to see the name, origin, producer name and address, date of production, production license, shelf life, etc., not to buy and eat “3 without” (no production date or expiration date, producer name and address) food, not to buy different color odor or of unknown origin food, do not eat a shelf life of food.3. Family cooking, raw and cooked separately, cooked and thoroughly cooked.Develop good hygiene practices when cooking at home. Wash hands frequently before and after handling raw and cooked food and its packaging, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands.Food should be carefully cleaned before processing, pay attention to prevent water splashing when cleaning.Clean and disinfect table tops and kitchenware in time after cooking.Family food preparation should pay attention to raw and cooked separate, processing and storage of raw meat, aquatic products and vegetables utensils should be separated from cooked food, after use to timely cleaning and disinfection;Special processing of livestock and poultry meat and aquatic products should be paid more attention to, in the refrigerator storage should also be separated.Home cooking dishes are cooked well.The prepared food should be eaten as soon as possible and stored for no more than 2 hours at room temperature. The food that cannot be eaten in time should be refrigerated or frozen.Surplus food should be frozen in time, surplus food and overnight food should be thoroughly heated before eating, try not to raw meat, sea (water) products and other food.Holidays during regular consumption of pastry, cold dish, cooked food braised food cold foods such as easily because of raw material pollution, cross contamination, not cooked cooked, improper storage, wait for a reason, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella infections are pollution, prevention of foodborne disease caused by the pathogenic microorganisms, do the above considerations at the same time, also note making cold food can be a few times,It is best to eat within 24 hours, do not store more than 48 hours.It is not necessary not to eat out, health protection is the most important.People should follow the relevant regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control in different places. Wear masks, wash their hands frequently, gather less and have distance from each other, and encourage people to share meals with chopsticks instead of eating out.Dining out should choose good food hygiene conditions, high reputation of catering units, do not go to the food vendors without licenses.Consciously reject employees and food and beverage units with poor environmental hygiene, food and beverage utensils not disinfected and other poor food safety conditions;Pay attention to keep good consumption vouchers, once the occurrence or suspected symptoms of poisoning, please immediately go to a formal medical institution for diagnosis and treatment, save relevant evidence.5, during the Spring Festival to avoid overeating, so as not to appear gastrointestinal dysfunction.During the Spring Festival, friends and relatives get together, often emotional excitement, emotional fluctuations.But overeating caused by excessive excitement can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and lower body resistance, increasing the risk of disease.The activity of the human digestive organ has certain rules. When eating, the stomach, small intestine, gallbladder and pancreas secrete a variety of digestive juices, so that the nutrients in the food are easily absorbed by the human body.If you suddenly eat too full, or drink too much, you need more digestive juices to digest, but the secretion of digestive juices has a certain limit, coupled with a very large stomach, gastrointestinal peristalsis is difficult, affecting the normal digestive function, serious, can lead to acute pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, or gastrointestinal ulcer.Therefore, during the Spring Festival to maintain a reasonable diet, happy spirit, is conducive to physical and mental health.6. If vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms occur after eating, go to the nearest medical institution for treatment and keep the suspicious food samples, consumption bills, medical records and other relevant evidence, and call 12315 to report complaints in time for timely investigation and treatment.Source: Henan CDC

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