Is it reasonable that the express delivery in Xi ‘an did not deliver goods during the Chinese New Year because of the epidemic?

Xi ‘an epidemic has been so long in the past, why do many stores buy things online or because of the epidemic can not be shipped to Xi ‘an?In fact, in the twenty-ninth and the first day of the New Year, or you can see a lot of Courier brother and errand boy busy working in the street, and Xi ‘an has already restored the vitality of the past, no matter from which point of view and there is no difference in the past, but a lot of community express can not enter.Looking back on the previous month, it felt really bad, like a dream, but thanks to a few platforms.I don’t know if any of you have experienced this?To tell you the truth, the three platforms that helped me the most from the epidemic to the Spring Festival were Xx ma Xx Dong and XX Feng.There is no need to say more about a Certain Ma Xiansheng. During the lockdown period, when supplies were tight, this platform was basically used, but most of the time, I only grabbed four times, but it was enough, at least I could buy things for a period of time, including the Spring Festival to buy vegetables in many places rest, and also need to rely on this platform.An east also needless to say, the city basically after the express is the first to return to normal, although a lot of time will be late delivery, and some goods need to wait a long time, but at least can be normal distribution, not as a treasure of merchants don’t shipment, of course, also blame the merchants, after all to buy is not when I was single.Xifeng was also one of the first companies to resume delivery after the outbreak. Many express deliveries were also received and delivered through this platform. Of course, I used this platform less.In addition, software like running errands is also very important, so I won’t go into it here.But the only curious thing is why the shop owner still said xi ‘an could not deliver goods because of the epidemic when the epidemic situation in Xi ‘an had passed?Even if you say that the store during the Spring Festival holiday after delivery also ah!So now also feel puzzled, see the news commentary xi ‘an express to restore, but why many stores said can not be delivered?I wonder if normal delivery can be carried out in other cities, or how long will this situation last in Xi ‘an?

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