Many years ago, “Yin Xiaotian” at his own expense hundreds of thousands of thousands of love rival “Liu Ye” overturned the case, earning countless tears

Three years ago, IN the library, I happened to catch a glimpse of the unforgettable book recommended by my high school Chinese teacher, What can I Save You my Love? I took it down from the shelf and began to savor it.At that time, I saw the tears.A few days ago, I watched the same name TV series starring Yin Xiaotian, Yu Na and Liu Ye again and cried again.The story to a murder as a clue, with mixed two men and two women love and hate entanglements, although the plot slightly show dog blood, but its own, hidden human nature.Han Ding, played by Yin Xiaotian, is a handsome young lawyer from a well-heeled family who has become a member of zhongya Law Firm in Beijing at a young age.The first case that receives after graduation, it is at that time the young female worker zhu Siping of baochun pharmaceutical factory of pingling city is in the murdered case of pharmaceutical factory extension site.The bereaved family sued the factory side to the court, claiming 400 thousand, Han Ding and senior Lao Lin, as the lawyer of the pharmaceutical factory.Arrive flat ridge at the beginning, two people are invited to watch hairstyle performance first, Han Ding met in T stage qingli free from vulgarity, mingyan unsurpassed Luo Jingjing, love in the heart.On the second day of the court, luo Baochun with heart disease and plaintiffs dispute, because of emotional too excited fell to the ground and died, dying will be all the property to luo Jingjing was less than 20 years old at that time.Luo Jingjing in the death of her father, bankruptcy after the blow, alone in the capital.Han Ding, who fell in love with Luo jingjing at first sight, couldn’t forget Pingling and even Luo Jingjing after she returned to Beijing.However of predestination picks up muddled, make two people meet again, fall in love very quickly.Soon, Luo’s first lover, Long Xiaoyu, appears, and Handing first meets him when he is being taken away by the police as a murder suspect.Originally, Luo Jingjing’s former boyfriend is wanted to kill fugitives in the Long Xiaoyu, and the long Xiaoyu killed, it is Zhu Siping.Because forget that once let her imprint is engraved on my heart of love, Luo Jingjing request Handing for the defense of Long Xiaoyu.To maintain the feelings of two people, Han Ding is involved in the investigation of this murder case against his will.In the case of complicated and confusing, Han Ding gets new evidence, in the execution ground is about to execute the death penalty of Long Xiaoyu came out and saved long Xiaoyu, Luo Jingjing also returns the bosom of Long Xiaoyu.Think case dust settled originally, when Han Ding plans to go abroad for further study, colleague Old Lin discovered new evidence again, make clear zhu Siping is killed really by long Xiaoyu place.When the police rushed to arrest the free Long Xiaoyu, but long Xiaoyu in front of siping’s mother cut his wrist suicide.Luo Jingjing left in despair, Handing in the endless waiting, I do not know whether to meet her again.Han Ding and Long Xiaoyu are lawyers and criminal suspects, respectively, but luo jingjing’s present and past lovers, respectively.Handing’s defense decides long Xiaoyu’s life and death, and also decides his and Luo Jingjing’s love.If you win the case, you may lose your lover. If you lose the case, your lover will misunderstand you as deliberately not helping your rival to revive him.Facing the dilemma of friendship, Handing failed himself and helped others.Although this is a love drama, it is not only about love, but also about humanity.And the 3 problems reflected in the play are also worth pondering.01 Love is dedication or selfish?Handing is deeply in love with Luo Jingjing. After falling in love with Luo Jingjing, he thought he could grow old with her in this life.When long Xiaoyu appears in order to Luo Jingjing ex-boyfriend’s identity, although he is reluctant, although he knows the result that helps Long Xiaoyu in return may be to lose Luo Jingjing, he still tries his best to turn over the case for Long Xiaoyu.Handing loves Luo Jingjing, so Luo Jingjing’s happiness is his happiness.Luo Jingjing happy, he no longer have care.I used to read that love means first of all giving, giving the strength of your heart to the person you love and creating happiness for the person you love.Handing love should always be dedicated, is selfless.If handing’s affection for Luo Jingjing is counted as love, then Zhu Siping’s affection for Long Xiaoyu can only be regarded as possession.This possessiveness is overwhelming.At the beginning, because of the death of his father and quit school to work, unaccompanied when the four ping to introduce him to work, at home to vacate his residence, although cramped, but has enough warmth at that time of the feather.Four ping like xiaoyu, everything to his good, looking forward to the future of happiness.At that time, her world, only he.Later, Xiaoyu in Luo Baochun’s factory dry wind, gradually into the upper class, gradually fall in love with Luo Jingjing, the daughter of Luo Baochun, he used all kinds of compensation to fill the heart of zhu Siping’s guilt.Can four ping control desire is too strong, she is not allowed to xiaoyu and Jingjing exchanges, angry to roar, trying to control as before to xiaoyu.Xiaoyu falls in love with Luo Jingjing, is out of admiration, in appreciation, in gratitude, rather than like the return of kindness to four ping.But in the end, Long Xiaoyu or zhu Siping abandoned.Four ping once said to Long Xiaoyu, I was very impressed: “I like a rag, wipe the soil on your body clean, wipe you like a city, you threw me away.”It sounds like Kohane’s wife, but in fact, excessive enthusiasm is like hot water to grow flowers, destined not to last.Handing loves Jingjing and gives everything for her, even if he sacrifices his love.Four ping also love Oyu, but moral kidnapping of love, more suffocating.Remember koyu once said that he loved Luo Jingjing, even if it was for her in prison, for her to pay his life, but also at all.Selfless dedication of love, often not rational;Selfish love, and too chivalrous.I think, only take one of them, grasp, will see love the best appearance.02 in reality, there is really willing to wait for you for a long time?After zhu Siping dies, Long Xiaoyu became the biggest suspect, in a few months of being tracked down by the police, Luo Jingjing does not give up his search in the boundless huge crowd all the time, and even after Handing is together, still waiting for Long Xiaoyu.Later, after Long Xiaoyu was arrested by the police, she begged Handing for help and waited for her beloved man to return to her.Four ping to Long Xiaoyu, Handing to Luo Jingjing’s feelings, it is not so?Many people say that reality is not a TV drama, not so ideal.But I think, many of us, is very axis, even if there is no hope, do not want to leave.If love can blossom, I am willing to experience a long waiting.Do you know Xu Luxi, wife of Deng Jiaxian, the “Hero of two Bombs”?Since 1958, Deng Jiaxian disappeared, life and death is uncertain, Xu Luxi kept the promise of mutual trust when parting, no regrets, infatuated waiting.Until 1985, after 28 years of separation, Deng Jiaxian was diagnosed with terminal cancer and returned to Beijing for hospitalization.It was then that their hands could be clasped again as they were reunited after 28 years.Nowadays, many people regard time as precious. “He doesn’t have a house or a car now, so let it go.” “Her salary is too low, so let it go.”It seems that, and so on is a thing that can not see the end.So what kind of experience is it to wait for someone?I once read a post on the Internet: the feeling you get when you know you can’t get a ticket, but you still desperately hold on to a handful of change and look around the harbor just to see the boat of your beloved passing the boundary between heaven and sea in the setting sun.Yes, love a person, even if wait for a long time, he in front of you once, enough.How to choose between the one who loves you and the one you love?A lot of times, love starts with compassion, Handin says.Luo jingjing and he together, at first out of gratitude, then out of sympathy, they may end up in love, but from beginning to end there is no love.Facing Handing and Long Xiaoyu, Luo Jingjing was caught in a dilemma.How to choose the one who loves you and the one you love?Luo jingjing is full of guilt and chooses the one she loves.If it were me, I would definitely choose the one I love.I’ve been in three relationships. The first two were people who liked me, and the last one was someone I liked.The person who loves me is very kind to me, but I will reject close contact with him. For example, I will not touch the milk tea he drank. When he kisses me, I will turn my head to avoid it.Even when fighting, the whole process is very rational, coldly watching like an outsider.I look like an idiot in front of the person I love.His message I will seconds back, he does not reply to the information I will be uneasy, more than an hour ignore I will be fantasizing, think of his name will laugh, like with him tired together, will fantasy and his future, his every move can affect my mood.In theory, we will choose the person who loves us, but in practice, our heart is more inclined to choose the person we love, after all, there is no such thing as emotion.The book says: people only have one body, some people’s body can wear a lot of clothes, some people’s body only one clothes, to wear many times, how the gap between people so big ah.In the book, Luo Jingjing and Zhu Siping, Long Xiaoyu and Han Ding, the fate of people seems to be doomed by heaven. For example, Siping was born in poverty, while Jingjing enjoys all the prosperity and wealth.But the destiny of the person seems to have the opportunity that oneself take hold everywhere again, for instance long Xiaoyu can continue to rise high originally, however one stick son sent his life.Some people can not help, but conscience, had to do nothing, such as Handing at his own expense for Koha overturned the case.Although the plot is terrible, this drama is about love and humanity, but it can warm millions of people, and we should savor it.How many people still remember Yin Xiaotian and Liu Ye at that time?

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