What kind of artistic spark will be generated when micro-carving meets jade carving?

Sculpture art is art has a long history of a cultural tradition in China, jade carving master a ghost with a knife, in small or small pieces of jade carved on a large number of calligraphy or painting article, carved in the drawings, the majestic beautiful articles or beautiful landscape, a carved a cut between the artistic conception of Chinese harmonious beauty, the natural rhythm and humanistic value, brandish asperses on a piece of material,Showing great skill.How does an excellent miniaturization work come out of design?General cent 3 steps: above all, choose material to want clever.Microcarving material selection for high quality requirements, pure no impurities, no cracks, no sand hole material is the best.And because carving tools need jade carver special, and fine special, so the jade material should be dense structure, hard texture, followed by soft color, smooth surface, such material can meet the jade carver through line carving or shallow carving precision presentation or reproduction to be carved content.The pingan brand named xi Zhi’s Painting is qinghai qingyu brand.The carving content is Wang Xizhi’s “Fine paste when snow is fast”, Li Bai’s poem “Wang Righjun” and Liang Kai’s painting wang Xizhi’s image.The technique used is the method of micro-engraving, the tool is the jade emery grinding head and self-made bevel knife.”Mountain Dwelling” works to knife ghostwriting, outline a landscape painting, the painting of mountains and deserts, jungle village, feiquan maolin, dizzying.The pen and ink are pale, simple and clear, showing in detail the aura and verve of mountains, water, trees and stones. The literati’s calligraphic pen can be changed to the extreme. Through this rich change of pen and ink, it shows the abundant internal vitality of landscape.Secondly, the shape should be precise.As a result of microcarving is a test of the human spirit of carving, so microcarving pay attention to knife in one go.In order to achieve this smooth flow, jade carving division often want to customize their own special micro carving tools, and in the process of carving to hold your breath, can not be disturbed and delayed, if there is a slight flaw on the jade carving, before the work is wasted.Some skilled microcarvings master in the knife, do not see the blade shaking, I saw the hands of jade materials faint crumbs, fine strokes if mosquitoes foot, subtle.Shen Zhou brushwork (four pieces), works to the Ming Dynasty four masters of the first shen Zhou landscape picture creation point, with the treatment of jade carving, focusing on the expression of Shen Zhou’s landscape painting meaning, carved with four pieces of the same size green jade brand.The author rereading classics, rigorous and delicate composition, practicing the scene with a knife, powerful and vigorous strokes of the pen, while integrating the technique of Yin engraving calligraphy.Painting and calligraphy with the same brand, painting style tranquil, leisurely and comfortable ancient.Finally, be fabulous.It is not enough to have only one microcarving technique on one piece of work.It is often necessary to use a variety of techniques in order to show a harmonious beauty, but also complete and clear expression of the subject.Exquisite exquisite microcarvings, round carving, flat carving, carving can not be less.Taking fan Kuan’s name in the Northern Song Dynasty as a model, Xi Shan Travel Map presents the majestic natural landscape of the original work in Hetian jade with the treatment of jade carving.Towering peaks, verdant trees, towering boulders.The small caravan of merchants on the mountain road shows the pulse of human life again, and nature is in harmony with human life.White jade minicarving “Avalokitesvara saves eight difficult”, the author created a scene of avalokitesvara saves eight difficult on the white jade with a knife. The whole picture has rigorous layout, beautiful shape, smooth and smooth with a knife, skillful, and the minicarving works echo each other, meaning is quite deep, wonderful.Carved on the white jade is the text of Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra and the full text of White Clothes God Mantra, a total of more than 340 words.Every word shows the fine carving skills of the knife, exquisite peerless.

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