Civil Affairs in a Minute (February 15, 2022)

Everybody is good!Today is February 15, 2022, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Tuesday, these civil affairs related information, worth paying attention to!◆ Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial government issued the plan for practical projects concerning people’s livelihood in 2022, further raising the standard of assistance to needy people by raising the subsistence allowance to rmb825 per month for urban and RMB600 per month for rural residents, and raising the allowance to RMB1,080 per month for those in extreme poverty in urban areas and those in extreme poverty with disabilities or semi-disabilities in rural areas.The subsistence allowance for people living in extreme poverty in rural areas will be raised to 780 yuan per month, and care subsidies will be provided to those living in extreme poverty with disabilities, semi-disabilities, and those living on their own at 1,380 yuan per month, 350 yuan per month, and 80 yuan per month.Pieces grassroots political power construction and community governance in recent days, the yunnan province development and reform commission, provincial rural revitalization of the bureau, the provincial department of six departments jointly issued by the “about support large change of relocation area follow-up support a number of policies and measures for poverty alleviation”, from the employment support, industry cultivation, social integration, working mechanism and so on aspects such as improve the working mechanism of make-work 17 policy initiatives.Pieces endowment service recently, the Beijing municipal civil affairs bureau, the municipal councils and six departments jointly issued by the “about supports” realty service + endowment service “the notice of pilot work, six key choice city area with a dense population old village, new village streets, property and other different types of area as a pilot range, support the realty service enterprise door-to-door home endowment service for the old man.◆ Recently, the Civil Affairs Department of Tibet Autonomous Region said that this year it would expand home and community elderly care services, develop rural elderly care services, promote the integrated development of medical and nursing care, strengthen the construction of elderly service personnel, and establish a supervision system for elderly care services.◆ Recently, The General Office of the Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region issued the Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Comprehensive Supervision of Elderly Care Services, which requires strengthening the training of elderly service and management professionals in higher vocational colleges, and carrying out vocational skill level evaluation;In accordance with the law and regulations, old-age service institutions will be severely punished for cheating and abusing the elderly and other acts that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, and those responsible will be banned from entering the industry.Child welfare mixer, department of anhui province issued the “difference” in anhui province children’s welfare development planning “, put forward to 2025, urban and rural integration, covering basic built comprehensive child welfare and protection of the minors service system, built to protect minors station more than 1000, the province at the county level of minors protection relief organizations achieve full coverage.(Civil Affairs Micro)

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