Forget to write Spring Festival couplets

Write Spring Festival couplets.In a blink of an eye, Yu Jiaqi entered winter again.Especially to the end of the year, see the streets full of auspicious and blessing of Spring Festival couplets, I will think of their own writing and send Spring Festival couplets day.When I was in primary school, I was fond of writing and painting, especially calligraphy.In my spare time, I picked up pen and ink to practice calligraphy.In the countryside at that time, knowledge was scarce and few people could write Chinese calligraphy.That year, near the end of the year, my mother bought two pieces of red paper in the store, let me take to the village a primary school teacher’s home to write Spring Festival couplets.I put on the new clothes my mother made for me, took the red paper happily went to the teacher’s house to ask him to write Spring Festival couplets.As soon as I entered the room, a smell of the soup came to my nostrils. I saw the teacher’s wife, secretly wiping tears as she made the soup for her husband.The primary school teacher lay on the bed, his eyes sunken, pale and thin.See I came, then feebly said: “children are you looking for me to write Spring Festival couplets.”I nodded and said, “Yes.”He said, “Son, I’m seriously ill. I’m afraid I can’t write Spring Festival couplets for my fellow villagers any more.I have here a book to write Spring Festival couplets and some calligraphy posters, you take back to write yourself!”Then he got up with difficulty and handed me the couplets and copycards from the side.I took the letter and couplet book, said to him: “I’m afraid I can’t write well, posted out to let the village people joke.”He stroked my head and said, “Son, the first step is the hardest. You should be brave enough to do it. You never know if you can do it.”He looked at me expectantly.After I came back, I explained the situation of the mother, the mother also encouraged me to write my own, guns, I again to practice calligraphy, two days is provided according to the elementary school teachers couplet, chose a few good pairs, began to carefully write it, “the door to meet spring, summer, autumn and winter, door, north-south goods” “lucky to his new home, happy always full of happy home”, etc…After finishing writing the second day, is the 29th month of the twelfth lunar month, I will write their own Spring Festival couplets, posted on the door.Villagers in the village all praise my Spring Festival couplets write well, and many villagers, have on my home, let me write Spring Festival couplets.So, I will happily busy up, see the villagers are holding their own satisfied Spring Festival couplets back, my heart is sincerely happy.Whenever I see the villagers pasting their own Spring Festival couplets, the sense of pride and achievement still make me savor endless!Later, I wrote Spring Festival couplets for villagers for many years, until I graduated from high school.Now, although the living standard has improved, high-tech has developed rapidly, the Spring Festival couplets are more and more beautiful, and the paper of Spring Festival couplets is getting better and better, but I still can’t forget the days when I wrote Spring Festival couplets for the villagers.Now, these wonderful memories can only be stored in the memory.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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