Jokic dominated the Warriors’ penalty box with a key pass that fooled Curry with 35+17

According to Titan Sports all-media reporter Zaifu, “He’s the CURRENT MVP, and he takes everything around the basket in the fourth quarter..We were much better defensively, but Jokic just dominated the game.Warriors coach Steve Kerr said helplessly after the game.Turn over the statistics, Jokic’s numbers also confirm Kerr’s statement.The Nuggets center finished with 35 points, 17 rebounds and eight assists in 34 minutes to hold off half of Denver.The Nuggets trailed by as many as 16 points in the third quarter, and they didn’t even lead before killing it in the final minutes.It is in such a passive situation, the nuggets follow about the teacher’s lead to bite, and finally find a chance to turn over.The Warriors had the ball back and a three-point lead in the final minute, but Klay Thompson missed a 3-pointer after a fake screen, and Jokic followed up with a low takedown of Luni after a timeout to cut the lead to one.When it comes to life and death, both sides know the other’s superstars will step up and solve the problem.It was Curry, the Warriors’ core, who once again took possession of the ball and used a screen by Tom Thompson, only this time Curry chose to rush himself.Facing monte Morris on the switch, Curry used one of his infrequent stops to put the ball into the basket and get the extra free throw.The Warriors’ chase Center was lit up after the shot, and everyone believed that victory was close, but they clearly underestimated Jokic’s abilities.In just 5.9 seconds, Jokic took the ball to the right and beat Luni. As he darted up the middle and had a shot, Jokic saw Morris open on the side. With his trademark blind pass, Jokic sent the ball away.”I think everyone knew the ball was going to go to Nikola (Jokic).”That’s why Nicola is such a great player,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said. “We just put the ball in his hands and let him score for us, no matter how many seconds are left on the clock.At the same time, you know he’s going to attract a lot of defensive attention, which is why, in my opinion, he’s the best player in the NBA.”No one expected Jokic to pass, especially with no reliable shooting help around him.”I was just trying to get through the middle to the box and hook it.Jokic said, “Then I saw steph, and he made a conscious effort to help, so monty was open, so I passed the ball to him.Curry, on the other hand, admitted he made a mistake by not following his opponent outside the three-point line, but staying in the paint for an extra half a second to assist Jokic.But the Serbian centre forward is such a fearsome presence, even if there is a moment of space, he is quick to find his teammates.”Our defensive strategy was to let Jokic catch the ball in the post and then judge what he was going to do.And then I fell for it and made a stupid judgment call.I thought there was only time for him to get out, but he made the pass and by the time I tried to get out it was too late.””Maurice made a big shot and I gave it to him,” Curry said. “The worst mistake you can make at a time like this is to give them a three-pointer, and I made that.”Jokic made a good pass and Morris made a determined throw.Morris was 1 of 3 from 3-point range before the game’s final drive, and his season 3-point shooting is 37.0 percent.Morris didn’t hesitate for a moment when he got the ball and pulled it up, leaving Curry unable to disturb the spot.”He was so selfless, and it just shows how much he believes in you, and how much he believes in all of us.”Morris said.In the locker room after the game, the Nuggets handled Morris with water bottles and cooled his heat with cold water, while Jokic looked on as if he had made the kill himself.In fact, some media outlets have been quick to clip out jokic’s clutch play over the past few years, as he’s been able to comb the offense like a anchor in the clutch.Even when he doesn’t score, he can make the other team pay like he did tonight.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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