Crystal elder brother into “end water master”, EDG defeat he praised saint gun elder brother: SOFM is a clown party

Lead-up: EDG vs WBG this match, many viewers will notice the champion on the singles.EDG is the new world champion, and Theshy was LPL’s first single.He’s up against The Gun. Who’s better?The final result proved that WBG were in better form and easily defeated their opponents 2-0.At the same time, we ignored the other two worthy of attention to the old opponent: SAN Gun brother, SOFM.They and Crystal brother used to be teammates, now two people play, Crystal brother became the most “difficult” player.During the game, he praised Theshy’s handling of the game, but also did not forget to point out SAN Gun’s advantages, that he is also very strong.Crystal brother into “end water master”, EDG defeat he praised the holy gun brother crystal brother with these old teammates are good.This time, he was watching and commentating in the Tiger teeth studio.Crystal likes to make fun of sofm contestants.See play wild jiejie blind monk hit stone headman, go to help on the road anti squatting, crystal brother can not help praise: sofm brush stone headman to help on the road anti squatting, then found: this is jiejie?I mistook you for someone else.Because of this mistake, Crystal brother has been the bangs to ease the atmosphere, people can not laugh or cry.When analyzing the players on the road, Crystal brother said: that man (theshy) takes three heads in ten minutes, I think the game will be bad.But now that man and crocodile economy is the same ah, indicating that the other man on the road (SAN Gun brother) is also very good.In order to old teammates, crystal elder brother has become a “master of carrying water”, praise one at the same time do not forget another.Of course, Li Xuanjun also knows his gap with theshy.He joked himself in the live broadcast that “there is a gap between the champion and the single”, admitting that he is a good cook and cannot win theshy.I’m going to try really hard to win.In contrast, water crystal elder brother to another old teammate sofm is not polite, all kinds of fun at his operation.Crystal brother also did not forget to ridicule sofM show understanding: he is a clown party game at the beginning, crystal brother analysis that WBG road combination on the line is very difficult, SOFM blind monk must open red catch.He even vowed: if the blind monk this blue open, I will call SOFm incurable, in the past, he is going to soak the pig cage.Worthy of the old teammates, Crystal brother is too dare to say.At the beginning of the game, sofM’s blind monk met male gun in the river, and in the tacit understanding to win easily, together with the opposite card to accept.Crystal elder brother see very happy: SOFm!He is a disciple of God K.In fact, by K he meant himself.Crystal brother did not take kindly to this.But he soon joked that sofM equipment is strange, buying a bit is to show understanding, is actually a clown party.Perhaps because there are former players on both sides of the ball, Crystal is “even-handed” this time.Praise of either side was followed by praise of the other side’s performance.His ridicule of saint Gun brother, SOFm is also very interesting, very dare to ridicule.During the offseason, Crystal often had dinner with his old teammates.During the game, they will broadcast their games, because Crystal brother has a strong understanding of the game, quite know several star players, the most important player is very dare to say, his commentary always attract a lot of attention.

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