Good news!Pukou is on the list of the fourth batch of provincial-level Demonstration Villages for ecological Civilization construction

Recently, jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment issued the notice of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on naming the fourth batch of Provincial-level Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Counties (cities, districts), Towns (streets), villages (communities) and reviewing and naming the first batch of provincial-level Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Counties (cities, districts) (Jiangsu Environmental Affairs Office (2022) No. 18).Chenzhuang Village, Tangquan Street, Pukou District was named as the fourth batch of “provincial ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration village”.Bring essence Chen Zhuang village streets currently, pukou has won the honorary title of “national ecological civilization construction demonstration area”, five streets jurisdiction are chuang cheng “” provincial model of ecological civilization construction street, there’re a total of four chuang cheng provincial demonstration village community village (community), respectively is: bridge street Lin Pu Lin, star after midian street fair, big Nian yongning street community, essence Chen Zhuang street community.Bring bridge street Lin Lin Pu community bring star after midian street fair bring big Nian yongning street community bring Chen Zhuang essence street community, next pukou will continue to carry out jinping ecological civilization thought, practice of “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” philosophy, relying on laoshan, binjiang, chuhe river, xiangshan lake ecological resources, hot springs, such as quality, constantly pushing forward the construction of the beautiful country shallPromote high-quality development of rural ecological environment, fully highlight pukou characteristics and quality of “integration of landscape, city and forest, rivers, lakes and springs complement each other”, deeply create the most pukou brand characteristics of ecological civilization practice area.Correspondent: Tang Jie Editor: Wang Sha, Yao Wenjing Planning: Shi Yong, Zhang Jian Review: Chu Fangqiao, Wang Sha published: Chen Ying

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