Qilin District along the river street: more than 1800 mu of rice seedlings grow happily

Palm Qujing xun “good rice seedlings half a year, miao Zhuang high yield.”Now is the key period of rice seedling field management, in recent days, Qilin District yanjiang street organization of agricultural technical personnel in-depth rice seedling points, more than 1,800 mu of rice seedling technical guidance, increase the popularization of scientific and technological measures, the implementation of rice seedling management and protection measures, cultivate strong seedlings.Agricultural technicians in the streets along the river went deep into the fields, carefully checked the growth of seedlings, seedling conditions, moisture content and disease and insect conditions, and formulated targeted field management plans.Carry out early warning and monitoring of seedling diseases and insect pests by designated persons, fixed points and at regular intervals, and timely guide farmers to do a good job in the unified control of common seedling diseases and insect pests such as rice blight, seedling blast, bacterial blight and malignant seedling disease.Through the establishment of wechat group, the distribution of publicity materials and other forms, guide farmers timely uncovering film to refine seedlings, strengthen water management, increase the application of “weaning fertilizer” and “sending fertilizer”, on the ditches and soil weeds uprooted, promote the transformation of seedling conditions, to ensure that the whole, strong and uniform seedlings.Pay close attention to weather changes in seedling period, prevent seedlings from burning, roasting and freezing seedlings to ensure normal growth and development of seedlings.In order to complete rice seedling breeding in the best season, early deployment, early arrangement, early planning along the streets of the river, firmly seize the good opportunity of fine weather, carefully prepare enough spring ploughing materials, strictly regulate the management order of seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, resolutely investigate and punish illegal operations of harming farmers.Street agricultural technicians crouch seedling site, from bubble seed to cover film and other links for fine guidance, won the praise of the masses.At present, the whole street more than 1,800 acres of rice seedling growth, including 10 acres of machine seedlings seedlings, conventional seedlings 1800 acres.It is planned to launch Pan Junbao around April 20

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