Today’s Rain Solar term

Rain water is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms.Rain water solar term meaning is the beginning of rain, rainfall level to light rain or drizzle mainly.As the saying goes, “Spring rain is as expensive as oil”, suitable precipitation is very important for the growth of crops, which is the reflection of farming culture for the season.Rain into the rain solar term, north China has not yet spring breath, most places in the south is the spring, an early spring scene.This year’s “Rain Water” solar term will begin at 0:43 GMT on February 19, Beijing time.Rain is also a romantic solar term.The spring rain of rain season, different from the summer rain of high wind and heavy rain, different from the cold autumn rain, it is the silent night rain of moistening things, it is the apricot flower rain that makes people happy.In addition to romance, there are a lot of hardcore knowledge points behind rain Water.Does it always rain during the rain season?Meteorologists say that although the solar term is called “rain water”, it does not necessarily rain during this period, but since then, precipitation has increased.The water that nourishes the growth of all things comes from rain.Among the 24 solar terms, the seven solar terms include rain, grain rain, white dew, cold dew, Frost’s descent, light snow and heavy snow, which directly reflect precipitation. It can be seen that Chinese ancestors paid attention to rain.This is why rain is so popular — it is not so much the anticipation of rain as the hope of a good harvest.Answer why spring rain “as expensive as oil”?Rain refers not only to the melting of snow and ice into water after winter and spring, but also to rain from the sky.Rainwater solar term comes, a stream of warm wet airflow under the moisture, the temperature gradually increased, ice and snow melt, snow days significantly reduced, then began to rain and rainfall increased.After the rain, the temperature rose faster, rainfall gradually increased, trees and flowers began to sprout around the winter crops began to restore growth, the annual spring farming production is about to begin.Answer after living rainwater, spring breeze sends warm, pathogenic bacteria, virus is easy to spread with the wind, reason spring infectious disease often easy to break out popular cold.Everyone should protect themselves, pay attention to physical exercise, enhance resistance, prevent the occurrence of disease.Rain solar term, the north Yin cold, temperature change, although not as cold as winter winter, but because human skin Cou rationale has become relatively loose, the resistance to the evil of wind and cold will be weakened, so at this time should also pay attention to “spring wu”.Health care during rain weather changes, easy to cause people’s mood swings, and uneasy, affecting people’s physical and mental health, hypertension, heart disease, asthma patients are very adverse.In spring, people’s liver is vigorous and anger hurts the liver. Therefore, they should adopt positive methods of self-cultivation and health preservation, edify their temperament and maintain emotional stability.Dalian News media Group life channel 18:30 broadcast

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