With full horsepower, Raylong 7 5800X is more comprehensive than Core I5 12600K designer machine

The Spring Festival holiday is over in a twinkling of an eye, and the winter vacation is not far away. Whether it is starting or starting school, installing a new computer is indeed one of many friends’ New Year plans.For designers and students to learn design friends, when installing a computer, of course, we should first consider its efficiency in the execution of content creative design software, after all, “time is money”, followed by the cost performance of the whole machine.Overall the current market situation, for mainstream designer users, raylong 7 5800X and Core I5 12600K as the core of the machine is the most concerned, but in the end who is more worthy of choice?In this issue we will use analysis and actual combat to give the answer.Core I5 12600K was launched at the beginning of November last year. It adopts the combination of performance core and energy efficiency core. It has six large cores and four small cores, of which six large cores adopt Golden Cove architecture and support hyperthreading.The four small cores of Gracemont architecture not only do not support hyperthreading, but are much lower than large cores in terms of IPC and frequency. Therefore, even though it seems that core I5 12600K has 10 cores, the performance of four cores is significantly reduced.In addition, the big and small cores of the 12th generation Of Core must be paired with Windows 11’s scheduler to perform properly, and Windows 10’s inability to properly judge the big and small cores caused heavy tasks to be assigned to smaller cores, resulting in poor performance.Considering that there are many designers who can only stay in Windows 10 due to the common tools and software only support Windows 10, the Core i5 12600K in this respect is equal to hard persuasion.Rayon 7 5800X has 8 performance cores with uniform specifications, all supporting SMT technology, so the number of threads is the same as the 10-core Core Core I5 12600K, 16 threads, and 8 cores can share 32MB large capacity level 3 cache, 60% more than the Core I5 12600K.In the actual application of multithreading performance naturally more advantages.Of course, since rayon 7 5800X is a full core configuration, naturally there are no scheduling and software compatibility issues, Windows 10 or Windows 11, users prefer whichever.In addition, The Default TDP of The Dragon 7 5800X is only 105W with the advanced 7nm process, and it can run full acceleration frequency for a long time at this power setting, while the default TDP (PL1 mode) of the Core I5 12600K with the 10nm process has reached 125W (the frequency of the core can only be maintained for a short period of time, not full health output).In the PL2 state of long-term complete release of performance, it is up to 150W, energy efficiency ratio is indeed lower than rayon 7 5800X.To sum up, the Raylong 7 5800X, which has no core scheduling problems, better multithreading performance and higher efficiency ratio, is more suitable for the designer’s application environment in terms of specifications.Now let’s look at the actual measurements.Productivity performance of actual combat: sharp dragon 7 5800 x better comprehensive performance for the designer host, of course need a processor with hemorrhagic can output the highest production efficiency, so the test we will be more than two platforms motherboard core enhancements are set to open, to ensure that the two frequency of processor can run full speed for a long time.Of course, in this way, the Core I5 12600K actually runs in the 150W PL2 state, and the power will be higher than the Ryzen 7 5800X.From the test, the efficiency of Raylong 7 5800X is 18% higher than that of Core I5 12600K in the multi-threaded decompression application that everyone will almost use in daily office. It can be seen that in terms of pure multi-threading performance, raylong 7 5800X’s “full core” with 32MB large capacity three-level cache has obvious advantages indeed.The Ryzen 7 5800X won in two of the three applications tested for 3D rendering output, while the Core i5 12600K had a slight advantage in one, scoring 2-1.In Premiere Pro’s comprehensive video editing test, the Ryzen 7 5800X and the Core i5 12600K were neck-and-neck, with the Ryzen 7 5800X winning by one point.In Photoshop’s comprehensive test, which mainly focuses on single-core performance, the two were almost even, with a negligible difference of 0.01%.Overall, in terms of actual productivity performance, Ryolong 7 5800X and Core I5 12600K are relatively close, which can be regarded as the same grade of products, but Ryolong 7 5800X still maintains a small advantage, and the 8 full-specification large cores do not have to worry about scheduling problems of the system.The performance of the Core i5 12600K is perfect regardless of whether it is used with Windows 10 or Windows 11.Next we again from the actual installation collocation and budget cost aspects to analyze.If only from the processor price point of view, in fact, core I5 12600K and Raylong 7 5800X are basically the same, but installed after counting the motherboard price, raylong 7 5800X platform cost-effective advantages come out.In addition, core i5 12600K recently appeared out of stock the situation of rising prices, coupled with B660 motherboard general pricing than the same level OF B550 motherboard expensive 200 yuan or so, so board U set than sharp dragon 7 5800X platform expensive out of 400 yuan.Therefore, with basically the same installed budget, we can completely match raylong 7 5800X host with higher-end RX 6600 XT, which has stronger performance than core I5 12600K host and can provide higher execution efficiency in design software that supports GPU acceleration.In general, if the budget is the same or close, choose rayon 7 5800X platform can provide designer users with higher configuration and higher productivity performance, in terms of cost performance is indeed the Core I5 12600K platform.Conclusion: To build a productive PC, choose raylong 7 5800X is more cost-effective!We put the sharp dragon 7 installed 5800 x with core i5 12600 k budget plan comparison made into a table, you can already see from the table, sharp dragon 7 5800 x platform because plate U suit has price advantage, so it can be installed when choosing higher-end graphics, thus in the professional design software can provide higher comprehensive performance.At the same time, ryzen 7 5800X’s overall productivity performance is smaller than that of Core I5 12600K, and it is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, which is better than core I5 12600K’s software that must be used with Windows 11.If you want to use professional software that only supports Windows 10, you have to choose ryzen 7 5800X.All things considered, if you’re assembling a major designer PC these days, the Ryzen 7 5800X is the best overall choice.

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