An old master who rode a bicycle for 40 years, 36 years and wrote 135 diaries for 38 years……Today, listen to them

In Shaoxing, there is a group of such old police, they are filled with blood and infinite loyalty, interpreting the “people’s public security for the people” mission.They are ordinary and special existence, with decades of time to take root in the grassroots, trying to shine in the front-line post, for the majority of young police set a vanguard example.Considerate person of young-keun oh: do people lifes hardwork in 1982 to participate in the public security work, in house hill station work for 30 years, a bicycle ride for 40 years, his testimony from the household registration, back office, to the little drops of the community police, the public security police he refined “five heart” execution of work and still be fu mountain of police station as a community relations between the “winning strategy”.Only with sincere knowledge of the masses, by leading hundreds of families and knowing hundreds of people, can we know a hundred feelings and do a hundred things.The work of community police is inseparable from the support of the masses.Just joined the work, Wu Ronggen is a household registration police, old director ma Youxin comrade always took him to be familiar with the area of the government hill, regardless of men and women on the road all know director Ma, adults call him “comrade Ma”, “Director Ma”, children call him “grandpa Ma”.Wu Ronggen put this scene in mind, and later in the work, no matter how to mobilize the responsibility area, he always insisted on sinking, familiar with the masses in an important position.Over the past 30 years, Wu ronggen has always insisted on visiting residential areas during the day and walking around the district at night. He has been diligent in mouth, eye, brain and hand to be a person with a “heart”.Residents from old to small know him, community policing work has become a sentimental, spiritual sustenance for him.Community work is a link to connect with the masses, and even a bridge to serve the masses.Wu Ronggen always put the interests of the people in the first place, with an extremely responsible attitude to do every community work.In August 2007, Comrade Wu Ronggen found in the area of the wine bridge restaurant there are fire hazards, the boss began to feel that buying fire equipment is a waste of money, finally Wu Ronggen patience to move the boss, add more than 600 yuan of fire equipment.On October 19 at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the restaurant between the lampblack pipe burning fire, shop staff according to Wu Ronggen usually teach fire fighting knowledge, as well as the purchase of fire extinguishers quickly control the spread of the fire, save hundreds of square value of one million yuan of wooden structure house.Afterwards, the shop owner said with emotion: “Thanks to Lao Wu urging me to rectify, otherwise the loss would have been tragic.”Community police are focused on resolving disputes and resolving conflicts in Their domains.Wu Ronggen insisted on the principle of perspective-taking, identified the crux of the contradictions and resolved the contradictions and problems.At 2 o ‘clock on May 4, 2005, Chae, Ren and Sun fought in the Golden Times Square because of playing cards, resulting in three people were injured to varying degrees.After both sides report to the police, due to their own words, on the spot mediation deadlock.In order to resolve the conflict, Comrade Wu Ronggen talked to both sides for many times respectively, and talked about the law according to their respective mentality and their reason, on the consequences.On the afternoon of May 24, Comrade Wu Ronggen resumed mediation, which lasted until more than 2 o ‘clock the next morning. The two sides finally reached an agreement and made peace.Before leaving, both parties to see Wu Ronggen jie old age, to solve their dispute to stay up late at night, all feel embarrassed, a hard to say “Lao Wu, thank you, thank you.”They may be eager to help the masses.As a community police officer, Comrade Wu Ronggen actively helped the masses to solve contradictions and disputes, to do practical things for the masses, solve difficulties.Ivy community ever had a surname zhang’s female youth, read junior 3 when the second semester, because father is ill in hospital, the mother is busy taking care of the patient, neglect the discipline of the daughter, Zhang Mou with the small mix on the society hand in friends, play truant, night is zhang Mou’s commonplace.To junior high school graduation of each class result “red light” high hanging, unable to enter high school reading.When Comrade Wu Ronggen visited the people in the community, Zhang’s mother talked to him about her daughter’s situation, revealing her loss of confidence in her daughter.To help Zhang’s mother set her daughter on the right track.Comrade Wu Ronggen takes advantage of work and rest time, find zhang several times to talk heart to heart, speak law, clear reason.After several months of help and education, Zhang was deeply moved.Three years later, Zhang graduated from vocational school, but encountered difficulties in finding a job, Wu Ronggen and through acquaintances in the Yagi garment factory to Arrange a job for Zhang.Zhang is now an individual clothing store is a small boss, married last October, she also made a special trip to Wu Ronggen sent candy.Sometimes when they met Zhang on the road, she would affectionately call Wu Ronggen “Father Wu”.It is this title that reflects the value of a community common police in the public security organ.As a law enforcement officer, he will encounter complaints, which to some extent leads to the phenomenon of police being tied in their work.Wu Ronggen has also encountered only 193.5 yuan of medical expenses, the shop is willing to compensate 1200 yuan, and the injured insisted on paying 8000 yuan of the case.Because the person who beat a person cannot be found to punish, after mediation is not successful, the injured person once five times complains him, finally the court decides the shop square compensates the injured person 1300 yuan, later meets on the road, the injured person meets to say: “old Wu I am wrong nong zai, the court decides or you mediate benefit.”Yang Guangguang: 36 years of police career, 135 diaries, is his roots in Fengqiao adhere to.Should have retired he should stay with the masses, rely on the masses to solve contradictions.He is the “timely rain”, leading 108 volunteers to mediate disputes;He was a ray of sunshine that shone into Maple Bridge and melted the frost of the neighborhood.Members of the public like to call Yang Guangzhao “Lao Yang.”In fact, when he first came to Fengqiao town, “Old Yang” was just “little Yang”.In July 1985, Yang was transferred from the army to fengqiao police Station.Less than half a year, the organization transferred him to the new Zhao police station.At that time, he did not say a word, with a hard bed, a drawer table, a backrest chair, a sea lion bicycle, to the new unit.In the Zhao family, he is both internal and community police, in the dry middle school, learning dry, quickly mastered the public security business, was rated as excellent internal.In 1988, under the organization’s arrangement, “Xiao Yang” returned to Fengqiao.In the community police work, he summed up the community police “diligent, help, rely on, fast, public, live” six word mass work method, in the overall promotion and application.2004 was a rocky year for him.He suffered from severe erosive colitis, his 90-year-old mother also got alzheimer’s disease, and his wife, Wei Xiaoai, suffered from myasthenia gravis.He stood up to the pressure in the face of difficulties and took care of his family while serving the people.After consideration on the organization, he was transferred to a little closer to home city traffic police brigade, convenient to take care of his wife and mother.In the traffic police brigade, “Xiao Yang” play good mediation expertise, the establishment of road traffic accident mediation room, after three years of operation, has been recognized by the masses and the leadership of the affirmation.In 2008, the 40th anniversary of the “Fengqiao Experience” campaign was launched. When the organization and fengqiao people needed him, Yang returned to Fengqiao again and worked until retirement.Lao Yang retired with Honorableservice ▶ In August 2010, Yang Guangzhao honorably retired.At the retirement ceremony, there were many fengqiao cadres Shouting: “Lao Yang stay, we need you”.Moved by the appeal of the crowd, Yang stayed and led the establishment of the fengqiao Police Station “Lao Yang Mediation Center” with the support of leaders at all levels.Over the past 11 years, Lao Yang Mediation Center has accepted more than 2,700 civil disputes, and settled 26,300 cases through mediation, with a success rate of over 97%, over 97 million yuan in compensation, 100% of the settlement rate and 100% of the satisfaction rate of the masses.Lao Yang Mediation Center has become a famous mediation brand in the province and even in China.Yang Guang often said: mediation is not mud, but with the wisdom of the people to resolve the contradictions of the people.In 2014, Lao Yang Mediation Center was rated as the National Advanced Collective for retired cadres.”Find Lao Yang” has also become the local people’s mantra.In 2018, Yang was named the National People’s Mediation Expert by the Ministry of Justice, and in the same year, he was selected as CCTV’s 2018 Rule of Law Figure.The basic connotation of “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era is to resolve conflicts locally by relying on the masses, grassroots, party committees and governments, and social organizations.The integration of autonomy, rule by virtue and rule by law is the fundamental guarantee for constructing the basic social governance system and improving the basic social governance capacity.In the past two years, in order to publicize the “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era, Yang received more than 500 delegations from all over the country, and more than 120 training classes, and was invited to teach and exchange courses in many provinces and cities.In the national activities of building “Fengqiao style” police stations, laoyang Mediation Center’s multi-mediation model has been promoted.Photos of the center’s mediation are on display at the Revolutionary History Museum of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.Zheng Xianping: “Song Ci” in the CCTV hit song Dynasty criminal officer, song Ci, a forensic scientist in the Song Dynasty, cracked cases and banned violence with forensic examination and logical reasoning, which made many people applaud.Shangyu alert bound also has such a legendary character, be called contemporary edition “Song Ci”, he is zheng Xianping of forensic medicine.He joined the public security team in 1982 and has been engaged in forensic medicine work for 38 years. He has examined more than 2,600 cases without certificates and evaluated the disability of more than 14,000 people. He has directly helped solve 400 cases of murder and independently taught more than 100 cases.Zheng Xianping was a surgeon when he was young.”Young man, technique is good, public security bureau is short of a forensic doctor, want not to reach us there.”In 1982, because of a surgical operation, Zheng Xianping was shangyu public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade leadership take a good look at, soon, he was transferred to shangyu city public security Bureau, put on police uniform, when the forensic medicine.Forensic work is the dirtiest, bitterest and most tiring of police work, and often involves dealing with dead people.Over the past 38 years, Zheng xianping has examined and dissected more than 8,000 cadavers and identified more than 400 homicide cases.Zheng Xianping said, because the corpse to him, is equivalent to a work of art for an artist, every subtle trace left on the corpse can “tell” the cause of death, even can tell us who caused his death, as if “the corpse can talk”, find out the truth.He has been injured three times and nearly died twice in the line of duty. He has been exposed to “corpse poison” (hydrogen sulfide poisoning caused by contact with highly decomposed corpses) more than 10 times a year on average, but he has always been passionate about finding the truth.As for the danger of work, Zheng xianping never talks about it to his family, and his wife and son often learn about it from media reports of murders.But when they asked, Zheng Xianping would play tai chi, “I don’t know anything I don’t have.”Zheng xianping said that a medical examiner is also an ordinary person, who should keep work and life separate and try not to say more or less about work at home, in order not to worry his family.Zheng Xianping always walked quickly and decisively when faced with a problem.He was injured three times in the line of duty after entering the public security organs.30 years ago on July 21st, at 3:15 a.m., he was the first to run into an ambush on a bandit road hog.Left chest punctured, lung punctured, internal thoracic artery punctured.Recalling this experience, he said to himself, “It’s a good thing I was a medical student, otherwise I would have become a corpse.Feeling the responsibility and danger of police work, Zheng Xianping compiled a textbook called “Emergency Rescue, Rescue and Self-Rescue” after collecting information for more than half a year and combining his own experience, which was widely spread in the public security system of Zhejiang Province.Zhejiang Police College invited him as a part-time professor to give regular lectures to students and police officers from all over the province and even the country.His colleagues were worried that his health might suffer because of his busy schedule.Zheng Xianping said, “To ensure the peace of the party, no matter how hard it is, no matter how tired I am, I am willing.””Be always content with what you do, and never be content with what you do, and know what you can’t do in your studies.”Those who know Zheng Xianping well know his catchphrase.Why can repeatedly break strange and difficult cases, Zheng Xianping revealed that the secret lies in the analysis and summary of each inspection and identification, and constantly absorb new knowledge, improve their professional and technical level.In order to accumulate different experience in solving crimes, Zheng Xianping was always considerate: he studied hammers, knives and other instruments that might be used as weapons in the market, understood the impact of different instruments on wounds, traveled to every place in the Cao ‘e River basin, and grasped the impact of sediment settlement in different basins on corpses.For more than 30 years, Zheng xianping’s family has planted dozens of flowers and common crops, also to solve crimes.These bizarre crime solving tricks were inspired by an old farmer.In 1984, a piece of edamu field of Shangyu haitu discovers a corpse, Zheng Xianping investigated at the scene for more than 5 hours, speculate death time finally, did not think of the old farmer that passes by only looked, also infer the same conclusion.”The height of the bean sprouts under the body is different from that next to it. From the difference in the height of the bean sprouts, we can infer the time when the bean sprouts grew, so we can deduce the time of the crime.”Listen to the old farmer’s explanation, Zheng forensic medicine suddenly realized, the original life everywhere pay attention to all knowledge.”This year’s reverse cold, flowers and crops grow at a different speed than in previous years.”Zheng Xianping said with a smile, he also mastered the abnormal weather under the first-hand information to solve the case.So far, Zheng Xianping has published more than 20 academic papers in provincial and even national professional magazines, and his professional quality has a little influence in the province and even the whole country.The role of time of death in succession cases has also attracted the attention of Dutch and German jurisprudence.

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