Innovation, ecological sustainable | new BMW 5 series Li, hello!Driving fun in the new era

In 1972, BMW accurately interpreted the “pure driving pleasure” of medium and large luxury cars with the first-generation BMW 5 Series.With people’s in-depth understanding of “driving”, driving with more quality and more technological sense has been pushed to the front. The new BMW 5 Series Li is one of the representative models with high driving quality.It not only shows BMW’s traditional advantages in power and chassis, but also makes travel more convenient with abundant automatic driving assistance system, which further sublimates the driving quality and intelligent experience of medium and large luxury cars.Driving fun is the soul of BMW, and only BMW’s pursuit of driving fun is so pure.Even though the BMW 5 series has the “Ikea for Business” label and is more than 5 meters in size, it still has the blood of BMW family in its body, which makes driving fun.The new BMW 5 Series Li is equipped with the latest BMW2.0T in-line four-cylinder turbocharged engine.For example, the high-precision direct fuel injection system has the latest generation of six-hole injector, and the injection pressure is increased from 200Bar to 350Bar. It can adjust the injection situation quickly and accurately according to the engine working condition, and the atomization effect is better, so that the engine can realize the improvement of both efficiency and combustion cleanliness.The engine is also equipped with a twin eddy current turbocharger, double-VanOS twin camshaft stepless variable valve timing system and the fourth generation Valvetronic fully variable valve lift system, which provides both surging power and economy.In addition, the new engine has been optimized with the addition of gasoline particle filtration to reduce the emission of harmful pollutants, which is highly aligned with BMW’s sustainable development goals.The new BMW 530LixDrive has a maximum power output of 185 kW and a peak torque of 350 N · m.With a new 8-speed manual transmission, the new car can accelerate to 6.8 seconds.In the open road, the driver can feel smooth and dripping dynamic performance.In addition, combined with SPORT, COMFORT and ECOPRO driving modes, users can switch power output at will, and have different driving experience.The secret of the new BMW 5 Series Li’s efficient power transmission comes from the new 8-speed manual automatic transmission with a lighter design, a newly developed control system and a larger transmission ratio.The shift efficiency is greatly improved, the engine speed is lower when shifting, and the effect is more significant when driving in high-grade position.At the same time, thanks to the optimized hydraulic control system, the 8-speed manual transmission now shifts faster, making driving more comfortable and shifting smoother.The chassis of this BMW 5 Series Li delivers more precise and agile handling than its predecessor.The new five-link rear suspension has a unique connecting rod structure, each connecting rod has an independent direction of movement, can more accurately control the wheel jump.At the same time, the rear suspension also takes into account the requirements of lightweight and strength, greatly reducing the sprung mass, the road response is clearer and faster.Combined with air spring and EDC electronic shock absorption system, it provides excellent ride comfort and handling stability.With the support of innovative technology, the number of motor vehicles has multiplied, and other traffic participants do not comply with laws and regulations, making the traffic environment more complex and drivers more difficult.The new BMW 5 Series Li is not only good at driving, but also hopes to create an invisible “co-driver” through innovative technology to escort the driver’s comfortable driving.Contemporary people will encounter more or less difficult situations in their daily driving, such as driving into the old community and finding no free parking space but unable to turn around because of the narrow space.At this point, the leading automatic parking assist system on the new BMW 5 Series Li will help the driver solve the problem quickly.First of all, THE 50-meter tracking automatic reverse pioneered by BMW supports the vehicle to automatically reverse 50 meters along the original track.Even if the sky is dark and the sight is not good, the driver only needs to control the speed of the vehicle through the accelerator and brake pedal, and the new BMW 5 Series Li can get himself out of the predicament.Pro, the automatic driving assistance system equipped with the new BMW 5 Series Li, also makes it easier for drivers to deal with unexpected F conditions in daily driving.In the morning and evening rush hours, the vast majority of traffic participants are in a hurry and often forget to obey traffic rules. Ignoring traffic lights and “ghost probes” are common occurrences.The forward collision warning and emergency braking assist of the new BMW 5 Series Li can judge in advance that pedestrians or other vehicles are too close to each other and give a warning to remind drivers to slow down to avoid accidents.Traffic jams, which are a regular occurrence, place a double mental and physical burden on drivers.The traffic congestion assistance function of the new BMW 5 Series Li can automatically follow the car when the speed is less than 60 km/h, effectively relieving the driver’s driving burden in congested and low-speed road conditions.In addition, the driving assistance function relies on multi-area surveillance radar system and stereo camera. The system will assist the driver to follow the car or keep driving in the lane according to the driving track of the car in front or the current lane information.Lane correction assistance, when the vehicle deviates from the lane or driving line, through the steering wheel vibration and other ways to give warning, to ensure the safety of driving at all times.Of course, BMW engineers are well prepared for the most common problem of parking space.Drivers can take advantage of the 360-degree panoramic parking image to observe the surrounding conditions while parking smoothly.If you don’t have confidence in your driving skills, the new BMW 5 Series Li’s automatic parking function accurately identifies horizontal and vertical parking Spaces and pulls them in.After parking, some users will worry that the parking environment is too complicated and may damage the vehicle.The new BMW 5 Series Li has a remote 3D parking image feature that allows drivers to view real-time 3D images of the vehicle and its surroundings through BMW’s official mobile app.If we say that BMW has successfully defined “driving interest” with extreme f control and excellent power, and attracted people to follow and imitate.Now, BMW has created a new era of driving excellence for its users through more advanced technology and innovative autonomous driving assistance systems.

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