Some proverbs in the countryside make sense

In our countryside, there are many proverbs circulating in the countryside. I think there is a little truth in it. Let me give you an example.Spring fog rain summer fog more hot, autumn fog cool wind winter fog snow.This sentence is very true.In spring, if it’s foggy and foggy all day, it means there’s generally more rain in spring.When it comes to summer, the fog all day means that the summer will be very hot, autumn if the fog all day means that the cool wind will come, the weather will turn cool, if it is winter, the fog means that the big will come.The so-called rural proverbs are the words that have been handed down by the people orally for hundreds of years, and they’ve been tested over time and they’re true, and that’s why they’ve been handed down orally for so long.If you do not believe in the proverbs of the countryside, I think you will be unable to do anything, even a lot of work, because the proverbs of the countryside have been handed down by the older generation.It is through the baptism of time, through the verification of time to prove that this sentence is right, he will be handed down.Take the spring of this year for example, the days of heavy fog also means that the temperature in spring is too low, if the temperature is too low, the hot air in the south, at this time it enters our place, but because of the cold air force is not strong cold air has not been driven away so cold and hot intersection.So this leads to a phenomenon, that is, cold air force is very strong, and not being chased away by the hot air of the south, so hot and cold intersection means the rain will be particularly big, so the cold air meet the hot air, it will form a state, a kind of mist floating in the air, so if the fog particularly big spring,It means there will be extra rain in the spring.So there’s some truth to that, right?

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