Sword net 3 “ten miles of fireworks lights” task how to do?Come and visit the light market with friends and family

Hello everyone, welcome to The language Hugh’s sword net 3 strategy column!(≧ ≦ 6 motion)/ This time we bring you the task flow of Chinese New Year activities. While doing the task, you can also enjoy the lanterns with your friends and relatives. If you are interested, continue to read!Task fetch came to the main city activity area to find THE NPC day small light fetch task, select enter.Choose the line you want to go to according to the prompt, the content is the same, the line with fewer people is better to do the task.After entering the map of tianjie Light Market, open the map with m key to view the flag icon as shown in the picture. The position of the flag icon is the location of the parade in the light market.After entering the blue aperture of the parade, a row of skills will appear at the bottom of the interface. The first three skills will earn points according to the corresponding lantern color during the parade.If the wrong skill is not the corresponding lantern color, it does not matter, but the score will be lower.During the procession, NPCS appear.Need and the team in the sugar gourd manager NPC sugar small guai dialogue to obtain the sugar gourd props can release skills, select the sugar to release skills of children.If you do not give the child sugar gourd will be repelled a short distance, the impact is not big, can also be left to let the NPC in the team to stop.There will also be a random firework score buff and a random firework during the parade, which will increase the number of points you gain by firing fireworks at the lantern.There will be buff after entering the Sky Street Light market, you can right click on the map NPC festival dancer, random access to the five elements stone and fireworks props, each time a buff minus one layer;When you run out of rewards, you can also check the next time you get the item reward.After getting 1000 points, return to the starting point to find THE NPC Tianxiaofan teleport can go out to hand in the mission.There will also be NPCS redeeming items at teleports and all over the map, if you need a gadget you can check it out.The above is the whole content of this issue, if there is insufficient content welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area!Language will also slowly update the Spring Festival activities all gameplay content and achievements of the guide, interested partners can pay attention to language Hugh oh!I’ll see you next time. Bye

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