The torch relay ignited the passion of the public ice and snow

Guangming Network news (reporter Liu Xiyao) February 3 morning, the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay in badaling Great Wall after completion of the relay came to yanqing World Grape Expo Park.Some 50 torchbearers, including Guan Chenchen, a gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympic Games and a member of the national gymnastics team, Song Xi, a full-time instructor of Peking University, shuttled around the science museum, ice rink, snow carnival and other leisure venues to spread the Olympic spirit to more people.Tokyo Olympic champion Guan Chenchen took part in the torch relay.”I feel very honored to be the torchbearer, and this status makes the torch in my hands very heavy.”On December 26, Guan was named the “Ambassador for promoting snow and ice Sports” and was thrilled to be a torchbearer.”Beijing has become the ‘Double Olympic City’, which shows the strength of the motherland,” she said.I hope athletes can compete in the competition style, the competition level.”Song Xi was once a heroine.From 2015 to 2017, she joined the Army and served in the Gulf of Aden and Somalia as the only female member of the 25th Chinese Naval escort taskforce.”The torch is a vessel for the spirit of the Winter Olympics and the passion and vitality of the public for the sport of ice and snow.This time to become a torchbearer, but also to their future work as a teacher of an incentive, I hope to pass on more positive spirit.”Song Xi said.Song Xi participated in the torch relay.The torchbearers who participated in the relay, as well as many “extraordinary ordinary people” who have made outstanding contributions to the production and work line.Xu Jianxi, secretary of the party branch and director of the village committee, is one of the first torchbearers.As a grass-roots representative of yanqing poverty alleviation, he adhered to the belief of protecting the ecological environment, led the villagers to develop folk tourism to increase their income and get rich, and won the National May 1 Labor Medal.Facing the reporter’s interview, he said excitedly: “The Hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, let our small village has undergone tremendous changes, welcome people from all over the world to visit Yanqing!”Xu Jianxi participated in the torch relay.Guangming network reporter Liu Xiyao/photo yanqing outdoor body temperature -16 ~ -7℃, but the torch relay site, from the local ordinary citizens holding ribbons, with cheerful and moving dance performance dance “Snow rainbow”, people with beaming smiling faces, youthful passion, to meet the arrival of the Winter Olympic torch.The unique children’s lantern roller skating show skillfully combined Chinese traditional culture and Winter Olympic culture to express good wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”The torch is a messenger of the Olympic spirit,” said a children’s dancer. “I feel great honor to be part of this event.Born in China, how lucky!May the world become more and more wonderful with love, and look forward to the future with love!Yanqing is one of the three division of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the level of the world expo park grape theme of “the snow and ice,” the core connotation to embody the characteristics of the Olympic spirit of tolerance, fusion, sharing, shows the unique culture and the culture of ice and snow, the Spring Festival of the Chinese nation is that people with ice and snow as a symbol of the bond together.Walking in the park, mass skiing, children’s lantern roller skating show and other ice and snow sports are in full swing.The Olympic torch relay in the most beautiful City of winter Olympic Games, will once again ignite the passion and vitality of the whole people to participate in ice and snow sports.Source: Guangming network

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