By 2021, all villages and residents in Henan will have legal advisers

People’s Net Zhengzhou On February 15 (Wang Pei) do not spend a penny, at home can enjoy legal services, this thing you know?On February 15, Henan province announced the expansion of village (residential) legal counsel services to people’s livelihood in 2021.Zhao Huisheng, director of the provincial Department of Justice, introduced that in 2021, 13,397 legal service personnel will be selected to serve as village (residential) legal advisers, realizing full coverage of village (residential) legal advisers.Why to carry out village (residence) legal adviser work?Rule of law is the premise and guarantee of rural governance.The work of village (neighborhood) legal advisers can better serve rural areas and communities, encourage village and neighborhood organizations to make democratic decisions and handle affairs in accordance with the law, guide the people to express their interests through legitimate channels, resolve conflicts and disputes, and improve the law-based governance of community-level society.Since 2018, Henan has made great efforts to promote legal counsel in villages and residents, guiding lawyers and grass-roots legal service workers to provide professional legal advice, legal advice, publicity on the rule of law, and participation in people’s mediation and legal assistance.In 2021, a total of 1,3,397 legal service personnel will be selected to serve as village (or residential) legal advisers in Henan province, achieving full coverage of village (or residential) legal advisers.Among them, 1,0949 professional lawyers participated in this work, accounting for 87.7 percent of village (residential) legal advisers.A total of 34,732 working wechat groups have been established to maintain full coverage of villages (residences).Village (residential) legal advisers in the province received consultation and provided professional legal advice for the masses 16,6916.Encounter what thing, can seek legal adviser to help?When the village (neighborhood) committee and the village (neighborhood) people encounter these four kinds of problems, they can consult legal advisers: the mediation of contradictions and disputes can ask the village (neighborhood) legal advisers to participate in the rational maintenance of their legitimate rights and interests.The village (neighborhood) committee may request the village (neighborhood) legal adviser to assist it in drafting, reviewing and revising village rules and regulations and other administrative provisions.The village (neighborhood) committees may invite the village (neighborhood) legal advisers to provide legal advice when attracting investment, compensating and settling land requisition, building infrastructure, transferring land and protecting the environment.In case of legal problems encountered in the village (neighborhood) election, the village (neighborhood) legal adviser can be invited to play a professional role.The legal problems encountered in the daily production and life of the village (residence) people can come to consult the village (residence) legal adviser.People in difficulty who meet the conditions for legal aid can ask the village legal advisers to assist them in applying for legal aid according to law;Persons released after serving their sentences, persons discharged from compulsory isolation for drug treatment and persons in community correction may request village (residential) legal advisers to provide necessary legal help.Village (house) to carry out the constitution, the civil code of publicity activities, such as the rule of law seminar, can ask village (house) legal consultant to carry out the case for an interpretation, around the requisition, earthy land ownership, marriage, family, school, medical, social security, environmental protection, and other key village (house) governance, actively cultivate village (house) “wise men” law, strengthen the consciousness of the rule of law.When need legal adviser help, how should do?As ordinary people, if they encounter legal problems in life and work, they can seek the help of village (residence) legal advisers through the following ways:First, you can go to the village committee or community residents’ committees, public law service consulting studio, studio are hung village (house) legal advisory board, with legal adviser on photo, name, work unit, contact and scope of responsibility of information, people can by phone village (house) legal adviser.Secondly, we can carry out online consultation through the working wechat group established by the village (residence) legal adviser. The masses can enjoy the professional services of the legal adviser without going out of their homes.Again, the village (residence) legal adviser will be stationed in the village (residence) every month to carry out legal services to facilitate on-site consultation.

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