Eight more than 2 million words of the novel, 2 million words of quality ceiling plus the end of this, perfect

Eight more than 2 million words of the boutique finished this novel, 2 million words of quality ceiling plus the end of this, perfect not praise not comment, also do not pay attention to the small partner first hand, crotch needle, and then merciless ridicule, plus the sole of the foot with oil – hot pursuit, the last gas but point takeout price is also super double!!1. Zhao was the king of the Warring States Period.Author: Xi Meng Fu.Introduce: The soul after two thousand years, passed through 260 BC Zhao Xiaocheng Wang Dan’s body.In order to get rid of the fate of being a stepping stone for qin Shi Huang to unify the world, Zhao Dan decided to put the burden of unifying the world on his own shoulders.But before that, Zhao Dan had to deal with an immediate problem.At this moment is the qin Zhao Changping war is the most critical moment, so Zhao Kuo replace Lian Po, in the end?Highlights: Zhao Dan wanted to see what Lu buwei’s strategy was like.Master lu wrote in response to the Dan zhao after the first two questions, look the person seems to have become more confident, and statecraft such thing this is every people interested in led boarded the stage of the warring states period of political will to think about the problem, lv buwei natural wisdom in the mind is also have their own a set of conclusions early, now a hand toward zizi, begin to talk again.”I have heard that, in the past, the rule of the former king must be ruled by the former duke.Public, the world peace, peace to public.Try to view on the ambition, there are many people who get the world, its get to the public, its loss will be biased.The establishment of the Lord was born in the public.Therefore, hong Fan said: ‘Without bias and without party, the king’s path moves forward.No bias, no point, just like the king.Nothing or well, follow the king’s way.Do nothing or do evil and follow the king’s path.’Therefore, the way to govern a country is to prioritize public affairs over private ones.””The way of Heaven is round and the way of the earth is square, and the holy king has the law.The main implementation of the circle, I hold the party, the radius is not easy, the country is chang.Therefore, the world is not ruled by one person, but by all of us.””A wise ruler should not see everything, and should not take the lesser evil of man for the greater beauty of the dead.What is right is not for the king, but for the minister.In ancient times, the king must first be able to serve, and then accept, and then turn against, and then receive.The letter xian and appointed, the king can also, the loyal also.”2. The crossing starts with the bandit.Author: Angry smile.Introduce: When lu Hai air knows him to pass through a game world when he is meng break off.Of course, the country he was in was the Eastern Han Dynasty, and in the late years, he thought he could be awesome.But when he knew that the officers and men were about to wipe out their shanzhai, this guy was on the fence.Wonderful review: Holding the beautiful wild hope to push away this refugee camp, the army, navy and air force were very excited to lead the refugees into their carefully prepared positions, a not difficult battle soon started.On the other side, the three guys were beaming.”Yes, that guy has pulled most of the refugees all past, brother Wang now we can directly kill in, the boss to open, this time maybe can be exposed ‘village document’.”On the other side of the camp, a teenager with a steel knife and a ponytail said excitedly, looking 16 or 17.”What’s the rush you, although most of the refugees were away, but I’m sure, refugee camp at least a few ‘knave leaders’ level of escort, we are now in play more difficult ah, might as well in this way, for players who play the mountain thief in the blame, we again in the results, you say be Wang Ge.”Edge of a boy with a long sword said darkly.At this time of the ‘Wang Ge face also cold smile: “yes, that guy playing mountain thief players, we went out to grab him, as long as the threat they hold the position of the exposure, estimated that he couldn’t resist, no sweat, and perhaps we can knock the guy, I said how are all the flow near the private side, we had half a day is this guy’s ghost.””That’s right. Ten of them, and he’s got at least ten. We’ll make a lot of money this time.””Laughed the ponytail with the long knife.3. Aging superstar.All fools are fools.Introduce: In dying disease jing sits, flower armour old man becomes giant star.From dragon to net red, from net red to old drama bone, from old drama bone to old fresh meat…….Li Shixin, the saddest protagonist in history, said: although I touch porcelain and rely on old age, I know I am a good old man!This is roughly a strength to deduce your uncle will always be your uncle’s story.Highlight review: “This bunch of sand B!They believe everything like idiots when I tell a fucking lie.Can Lao Tze this time clearly say is the truth, is wronged, how no one letter?””Ah?Why does no one believe it!”Hua!Furious, with Liu xin’s hands waving, the phone in his hands was thrown out of the room, shattering the glass end table panel.Beside, seeing his hysterical appearance, the broker sighed.He took a cigarette out of his chest, lit it, and handed it to him.His manager did not care when he saw the pop star, who has always presented a healthy and sunny image in front of his fans and served as an anti-smoking ambassador last year, smoking.”In this case, we are the losers.When you were on the set, there was no way to obtain the situation in the car through technical means. Besides, it was too late at that time, and several cameras nearby were not night vision, so it was impossible to see the situation clearly.You can’t explain why that man touched you.””So I’ll have this shit on my head for the rest of my life?Let peer, let those black pink joke for a lifetime?”Hear agent’s words, Liu Xin huo rose, stood up from the sofa.4. Domineering Daming.Author: Guan Sheng.Introduce: pig foot is bright guangzong sixth son, he feels the chongzhen emperor Zhu By check that cannot let future do emperor, then, he shouted in the Forbidden City: I want to do emperor!Highlight review: “Up there!”After two people confirm, wei Zhongxian stuffed in, at the same time the carriage side of the black man to drive the driver cold voice way: “go, according to the direction I said, if deviate a little, I cut off your head, oneself come!”The coachman, a young eunuch of his own, trembled, nodded hurriedly, whipped his whip, and drove away.Pa pa did not go far, from the carriage to throw a section of firecrackers, in the zhoufu gate exploded.”Master, bad, wei eunuch was hijacked.”Zhou Fu, still sitting in the study thinking about Wei Zhongxian zhou Yingqiu, was suddenly awakened by the sound of the door.His facial expression big change, fierce stand up, open the door, look at the servant stern shout: “what did you say, say again!”That servant was frightened a jump, do shiver way: “master, wei eunuch’s carriage was a group of black people robbed, but also set off firecrackers.”Zhou Yingqiu’s face was thin and white. He was tall and thin and used to turn his face upward.As soon as I listened to the servant’s words, my face was gloomy and terrible, and I pushed the servant to the outside.”Gather all the house, take up your weapons, and follow me to the back door!”5. My 1978 farm.Author: Famous kiln.Introduce: the small mountain village that is far from the city blatant opened a small grange to have 78 years here more than 10 pieces of a bottle of Maotai, have 7 or 8 pieces of wuliangye organic vegetables, organic fish and shrimp, organic cook mutton, green environmental protection taste is good.He was a middle-aged divorced loser who turned into a laid-back farmer.Mountain village, small farm, fame spread far.Slippers, sweatshirt, banana fan, all day long.;Ordering food, no problem, queuing;A table a day depends on the mood, a leisurely and carefree life.Li Dong touch hanging in the chest of small objects, full of energy, the 1978 stock, a middle-aged man in 2018, through the story of 40 years with goods.Best review: “Dada, get up.”Li Dong helplessly sighed tone of voice, my good lie in bed, did not, this is the third day of criticism education.Two days ago, Li Dong followed Rich South Korea, that’s right, Rich South Korea in order to say that Li Dong lost the city into the registered permanent residence apology, these days have been taking Li Dong in the side hand teach Li Dong skill, can not become a city spray that cultivate a good farmer.This can give Li Dong tired miserably, carry water not to say, the first day picked a morning of water, followed South Korea in the afternoon to see the rich seedlings, for some of the last seedlings because of the drought died.This li Dong patronize learning, transplanting, supplement seedlings, seedling withered disease, the whole person tired not to say, but also accept rice knowledge education.Originally Li Dong also planned to deal with even, but who knows the next day also play assessment.Li Dong ask three don’t know, gas rich South Korea almost take cigarette bag pole smoke Li Dong, can’t learn well.”To the cornfield today, really, this is another day to learn ah.”Li Dong helpless ah, the next more than 10 days estimated South Korea rich to teach their own learning things.Li Dong wiped his face. Life is not easy.”Xiao Juan, do we have any meat?””No, you ate the last bit of meat yesterday.”Small Juan also very helpless ah, originally prepared to eat three days, his father did not resist all to eat.”Alas.””Eat fish in the evening, there are many seasonings, braised fish taste very good.”6, there is a demon inn.Author: Cheng Yanqiu.Introduce: a system that has evil spirit, a shopkeeper that has evil spirit, an inn that has evil spirit.Set up a seven-star stove, copper pot to cook three rivers.Lay out the eight immortals table for sixteen parties.Laughing all over the world, there are two monster mouth.Meet a man with a smile, white for red clothes.When people walk away, the cup is not cold, and the donkey is drunk at the table.Wonderful review: when waiting to brandish sword parry, the strong man saw white shadow ran to the stair below.”The little white fox.”The strong man is relieved, but he thinks of the red ghost and touches the amulet on his chest.When a traveler walks in the wilderness, he is not afraid to meet strange animals or demons, but only ghosts and demons.Ghost invisible, let a person elusive;Seductive and impossible to guard against, which is why he wears a talisman.But his hand on his chest, heart clunking, bad, jade pei disappeared.”It must be the little white fox!Strong man is angry, “pa”, someone behind him patted his back of the head once.The man turned back, still only a mass of black.Sweat poured down, but the strong man was also bold, forced himself to steady breath, step by step to the upstairs.The wooden ladder “yizhi yizhi” constantly, with the lobby under the rustling sound, so strong man can not feel at ease.If he had the eyes of the rest of his life, he might have seen, behind him, a female ghost with a phoenix coronet and robes of rank.She got a lot of benefits in the inn these days, ghost power surge, in the visible invisible between the transformation freely.She gently blew, and the sepulchre coolness reached the strong man’s neck.I teach Kendo in Tokyo.Author: Fan Makato hui.Introduce: Passed through the area of Tokyo Geshi 1980, inherited way field, parents double die, younger sister has a room, but deposit quickly saw bottom, the student does not have, how to do, urgent, online etc.Forget it. Forget it. Happy is over.Face the wind!Highlights: He doesn’t know why he speaks English.And the man who tackled him finally let go.The weight that had been pressing his nose and eyes finally left, and the horse saw clearly that it was Mikako Fujii who was riding on his body.Chiyoko is behind Mikako, pulling mikako’s pigtails with her hands.It looks like they’re about to go head-to-head, clawing at each other’s faces like cats.’There!Ma and Ma had to shout to stop the girls. “Get off me before you fight.Chiyozi, who pulled a guest’s hair?”Chiyoko pouted and let go of Mikako Fujii’s hair.But the United States still riding on the son and the horse does not move nest, she looked at the eye next to the black and blue head broken and bleeding of the poles, excited to ask: “are you dozen?””Or what?””Asked the horse.Mikako Fujii blinked, then suddenly took on a serious tone. “Thank you, thank you for fighting so hard to save me.”And the horse heart murmur: don’t thank, to the body of what hour bai.8. King of the ball from today on.Author: Super microphone.Introduce: basketball altar big rascal, professional abuse American dream team!Best review: “Ace, you still ride a bike?That’s so low-key!You’re such a famous rookie now!””If I was as good as you in my rookie year and had a sports car, I’d drive it around and show it off, but I can’t afford it now.””Aha, low key, low key!I like to keep a low profile!”Liu Mang forcibly supported a wave of face, total can’t say that car is another woman!And Alexia can tell the truth, because they are classmates, and teammates say so, do not lose face ah…”That’s how Ace makes a living. Sports cars consume so much gas that two or three drives can last me a month.”Mohammed began to educate the younger generation.”I said nazir, why don’t you get a sports car when you’ve got a big contract like that?If our car was better, we’d own those hot girls we met yesterday. That guy Jason wouldn’t have stolen them!””Are sports cars free?I don’t know how many more years I’ll be able to play. I’m going to save up and buy a farm in Australia when I can’t make it in the NBA anymore. I prefer my childhood in the country, the city people…”Watching Muhammad start babbling like a babysitter again, with Emma Noor making jokes, Liu Mang wanted to tell Muhammad, what the hell are you doing raising pigs and chickens so early when you’re playing 18 seasons and barely a quarter of the way through?Newble, who was always cool, followed the three without saying a word.So this recommendation ends here, finally, “the day does not give birth to my little brother, forever looking for books as long as night”.And don’t forget triple Company. Like, share, follow.thank you(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)

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