Fake divorce?Zhang Liang, Kou Jing take children sweet shopping mall, some people guess that two people will compound

Fake divorce?Zhang Liang, Kou Jing take children sweet shopping mall, some people guess that two people will compound.Zhang Liang Kou Jing remarried?The pair appeared to be in a fake divorce as they went shopping with their ex-wife and daughter.Zhang liang was recently photographed close to travel with his ex-wife and two leisurely shopping clothes in a department store, manners are very close, zhang liang also help KouJing carrying a shopping bag, walk on the road he is naturally want to stretch hand to hold kou, no divorce of husband and wife that apathy and alienation, don’t see is the completely divorced relations, the most important thing is that the child cheerful run all the way,The family seems to be in perfect harmony, leading many to speculate that this is not a reuniting rhythm.In 2019, Zhang announced his divorce from Kou Jing for two years, but they were still frequently photographed going out together and playing around with their children. In recent years, Zhang liang was still wearing a wedding ring after appearing on a variety show.He even talked about his love story with his wife, making him look like a good husband.Even after his divorce was officially announced, he wrote on his fan base that he hoped everyone wouldn’t worry, it was just a family decision.Therefore, many netizens are speculating that Zhang Liang and Kou Jing are not afraid of fake divorce for some benefit reasons, after all, why two years of divorce just at that time choose to open, and Zhang Liang released the divorce news is very hurried, early in the morning on the divorce of the wrong year, it is not like really want to divorce.As a result, there have been two rumors on the Internet about the reasons for their divorce. At that time, individuals were not allowed to speculate in real estate and have a second child, and divorce was a clever way to avoid these things. Zhang’s daughter was born in 2015, and the second child was born in 2016, which meant that if they did not divorce, they would be considered as having an extra child.However, some netizens think that as a star, how could Zhang liang play a fake divorce with his wife for the money? It is not worth it. If it is for real estate speculation, his reputation will be affected as a public figure who takes the lead in exploiting loopholes, so most of these speculations do not hold water.But for this kind of view and speculation, Zhang Liang has not responded.So do you think Zhang Liang and Kou Jing will get back together again?Is the divorce real or fake?

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