It was all a misunderstanding!Luo Guofu sincere apology: these years the Chinese football association actually helped themselves a lot

There was a misunderstanding between the Chinese Football Association and naturalized player Luo Guofu, who was stranded at the airport for 22 hours without a place to rest due to a mistake in the arrangement process of the Chinese football Association.Luo guofu took to social media to berate the football association for disrespecting the players.Recently, Luo Guofu received an explanation from the FOOTBALL Association, and he also expressed his sincere apology to the football Association again on social media.Naturalized players although it is Chinese, but they are with the Chinese native people still not the same, in the case of different culture edification, naturalized players more daring to speak their true thoughts, plus los national wealth and a more “thick” player, his fierce football action on the pitch will be able to see what he’s alone.So in uncomfortable circumstances, Luo Guofu also expressed his dissatisfaction for the first time.Such sentiments have also been criticized by some fans, who believe that since they have been naturalized as Chinese, they should not be special and complain that the FOOTBALL association is unreasonable.On the other hand, although they have been naturalized as Chinese, they have always been more open-minded than the Chinese.After Luo Guofu complained about the FOOTBALL association, the football Association also expressed its apology and understanding to Luo Guofu for the first time, and also explained the reason to Luo Guofu. This time, the Chinese Football Association did not think of it, which was completely unexpected.In the end, Luo Guofu also apologized to the Chinese Football Association for his irrationality, saying that he did not understand the situation at that time, in China in recent years actually the football association has helped him a lot.I have to say, this incident was a small episode before the big game, a misunderstanding.Now the misunderstanding is resolved, the two sides still want to focus on the 27th night of the match against Japan, Luo Guofu also said that he will still contribute his full strength in the national team.(the way)

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