Jilin University can give up the low score unpopular major, the registered branch to rise to the middle 985 level?

If Jilin University abandons several unpopular majors with low scores, will the score of the college entrance examination rise to the level of 985?This is a very interesting question. In fact, this kind of abandonment is practiced by many people in reality, but facts tend to pour cold water on this kind of thinking.The most typical example is Peking University, for example, Peking University in 2021 in Chongqing physics enrollment, science experimental class enrollment of 704 points, while Peking University Health Science Center has eight enrollment majors, the highest enrollment of stomatology (eight-year program) 703 points, and the lowest nursing major is only 682 points.Many netizens commented that if Peking University drops the nursing major, its lowest admission score is 696 points for pharmacy (six-year program), which is 14 points higher than nursing.So when colleges compare grades, by this logic, we have to exclude nursing majors.Back to the topic, according to the application of physics in Chongqing in 2021, Jilin University has a total of 35 majors (categories), with the highest score of 661 in clinical Medicine (5+3 integration and three hospitals) and the lowest score of 614 in veterinary Medicine (public health).According to the logic of the subject, the major with the lowest score was exploration technology and Engineering with 622 points, eight points higher than the lowest score.So, according to the basis of 622 points, can the lowest score of Jilin University rise to the middle level of 985?The author with “core nine schools” of the lowest file for example to illustrate.In 2021, huazhong University of Science and Technology scored 662 points, Wuhan University 665 points, Sun Yat-sen University 659 points, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University 659 points, Harbin Institute of Technology (headquarters 659 points, Shenzhen 670 points, Weihai 647 points), Xiamen University (headquarters 651 points, Malaysia 613 points) and TianTianjin University with 653 points, Beijing Institute of Technology with 662 and Southeast University with 654.As we can see from the above example, Jilin University has abandoned its lowest admission score and failed to reach the lowest admission score of the “elite nine universities”, and only Xiamen University Malaysia branch has surpassed it.To surpass these nine universities, Jilin University in Chongqing enrollment of 35 majors (categories), must abandon 33, in order to have a chance to surpass the “core nine” of sun Yat-sen University, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University and other universities, this may not be?Never will be.Jilin university admit fractional line is low, not only because there is an entry points of ultra-low caused by professional, but because of its geographical factors, caused by factors such as the recruitment of students scale is too big, if you want to own the lowest cast archives points at or near “elite nine schools” minimum fractional line, so only cut points enrollment lowest several major is not feasible,Still have to start work from scale of area factor, recruit students.A very obvious example, in the above data, Harbin Institute of Technology, also a 985 university in the three provinces of Northeast China, has the lowest score of 659, while shenzhen campus has 670 and Weihai Campus only 647. This data clearly shows the difference in scores among different regions.And the size of the recruitment of students scale is a very important factor score difference, jilin university freshman enrollment scale more than 10000 people a year, go with the recruitment of students scale is only more than 5000 people a year than elite nine schools, large scale of the enrollment of more than doubled, will surely lead to admit a mark can’t close to each other.For colleges and universities, don’t be too much to pursue its own minimum cast archives points position, but from their own ability to improve their teaching quality, overall up, very few get professional existence, also is a kind of to society, to the high examinee, a few students read a dream to its target, rather than to cut it.If we cut the majors with the lowest admission scores, won’t another one grow after cutting?Do you want to gain the advantage of the lowest score of the college entrance exam by constantly cutting the lowest score of the major?That’s impossible.

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