Recruitment order of Volunteers for Epidemic prevention and control in Nanning Economic and Trade Zone

The current situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is grim and complex. In order to further implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions on COVID-19 prevention and control, earnestly implement all epidemic prevention and control measures and build a solid defense line for the capital.According to the deployment of nanning City and the Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and control in nanning Economic and Trade Zone, a group of volunteers for epidemic prevention and control in Nanning Economic and Trade Zone are now recruited to actively participate in the front-line epidemic prevention and control. The announcement is as follows:I. Recruitment Requirements (I) With strong ideological and political conviction, enthusiasm for public welfare, dedication, compliance with epidemic prevention and control regulations, obedience to organizational management, strong sense of discipline, strong sense of responsibility and interpersonal communication skills, and no bad record or behavior that may damage the image of volunteers.(2) age 18 to 50 years of age, any gender, healthy body, strengthen the needle has completed a new crown vaccine immunization, oneself and family living personnel shall meet nanning epidemic prevention and control command, the latest requirements, almost 14 days in high-risk areas and county (city, area) or municipality directly under the central government street in history, no fever, cold, cough and other symptoms;There were no abnormalities in the three-yard check.(3) In accordance with the principle of convenience at the nearest location, volunteers with certain professional knowledge and skills of medical rescue, emergency rescue, convenience service, order maintenance, psychological counseling, health screening and other professional skills should be recruited for the residents under the jurisdiction.2 by the open area, service check-in place nanning Wu Wei town bo dhi street 27 Wu Wei town people’s government of nanning greentown impression by the open area zhuang jin road 23 residential area 6 building room 203, 2nd floor shops (pei hong community) nanning by the open area, 223 avenue of stars, RongBaoHua mall building 4 units 225 indoor A10 (keisuke bay community) three, registration form (a) PC:Log on to the website of “Guangxi Volunteers” (, enter the page of “Volunteer Project (Activity)”, select the project area, find “Recruitment of Volunteers for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Nanning Economic Development Zone”, and click to register.On wechat: Follow the wechat official account of “Guangxi Volunteer Cloud”, click the page of “Guangxi Volunteer” at the bottom, enter the page of “Project”, find “Recruitment of Volunteers for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Nanning Economic Development Zone”, and click to register.(1) In accordance with the principle of “acting according to needs, giving priority to territory and safety”, one town and two offices shall do a good job in training and management of volunteers and provide necessary protective measures.(2) Volunteers should obey the overall arrangement, consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, conscientiously attend pre-job training, do not act without authorization, and take good self-protection measures at all times. During the volunteer service period, the Nanning Volunteer Service Federation will purchase personal accident insurance for volunteers.(III) The specific working time, location and service content of this preliminary recruitment will be arranged by relevant departments. Please keep communication unblocked after successful registration and reserve sufficient time.

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