The third rehearsal of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala

Performers perform the third rehearsal of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala held by the China Media Group on Jan 25.This year’s Gala pays more attention to details and puts more ink into moving and moving places.The well-designed programs make the audience admire and laugh constantly.This rehearsal is more smooth on the basis of the first two rows, the overall atmosphere is more warm, the arrangement between the programs more natural.This year’s Spring Festival Gala in the program content intensive cultivation, the sublimation of emotion is to give the quality of the program with a strong spiritual core, in the “joy, auspicious, beaming” festive color, to create a reunion of the Chinese traditional “New Year flavor”.In the program content design, this year’s Spring Festival Gala strive to pursue the stage state and life state of each other, more to find the audience’s emotional “echo point”.Some of them focus on the continuity of traditional culture, while others focus on the themes of The Times, such as rural revitalization, ecological civilization, ice and snow sports and the Winter Olympics.The performers included both artists from the National Art Troupe and artists from grassroots level. Their passionate performances showed their family feelings and strong cultural atmosphere of pursuing, building and realizing dreams.The 2022 Spring Festival Gala will continue to be refined and further enriched in content and form, dedicating a cultural feast with artistic height, life enthusiasm and joyful temperature for the Chinese people around the world.Auspicious Tiger heralded spring, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala will meet you on January 31, New Year’s Eve!

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