Beijing Olympic Torch bearer: Qi Chenglong, Beijing Normal University Olympic volunteer

Qi Chenglong took a look at the time when he got up: 6:30 am, the second day of Chinese New Year, February 2.”Nervous, very excited.”Qi Chenglong, secretary of the Youth League committee of Capital Normal University, was very excited to participate in the torch relay even though he had made a lot of preparations.The call time was 9 a.m.Qi Chenglong carefully read a torchbearer training manual, once again familiar with the torch relay process.Finish torchbearer clothing, Qi Chenglong came to the assembly site early.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay arrived at the Beijing Winter Olympic Park at 11:30 am.Qi Chenglong’s torch relay point is no. 3, also the third leg of the torch relay that day.The first torchbearer was Wang Meng, a famous short-track speed skater. The second torchbearer was Qi Fabao, a soldier and “hero of defending the country and border areas” and “National Outstanding Communist Party member”.Qi Chenglong and second leg qi Fabao did some simple torch relay communication.On the bus to the Winter Olympics Park, Qi Chenglong was still thinking about the student volunteers who had entered the closed loop.In the past, the closed loop student volunteers lived in a room of two people, and the epidemic prevention materials were prepared by two people to one room.Closed loop student volunteers will be informed to live in a single room for two days, and relevant materials should be prepared in a single room.Qi chenglong is worried about everything from a bottle of hand sanitizer for each room to where to buy it during the Spring Festival and how to deliver the supplies to the closed-loop student volunteers in the fastest way.”I am an ordinary educator. I am excited, proud and proud to be the torchbearer of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games,” qi Chenglong said during the torch relay in Beijing’s Winter Olympic Park.After passing the torch, Qi Chenglong said that he would do a good job in university education, actively participate in volunteer service work, and guide young college students to practice the oath of “youth service to the country”.At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Qi Chenglong, then a second-year graduate student, volunteered for the Games and did a lot of work for international concierge services.In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he became a volunteer again as secretary of the Youth League committee of his school.As time goes by, my role has changed, but my Olympic volunteer service remains unchanged.But this time, in addition to doing their own volunteer services, there are more than 800 student volunteers who need to be carefully guaranteed by him and his team.Capital Normal University participated in the winter Olympics volunteer service of more than 800 students involved in more than 20 positions, each position has different requirements, different training time, different security requirements, classification accuracy and high quality assurance, there are great challenges.The Party Committee of the university has given full support to the volunteer service for the Winter Olympics.Meng Fanhua, party secretary, and Fang Fuquan, headmaster, defined the Winter Olympics as the “no. 1 project” in the first half of this year.Yang Zhicheng, standing Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, led several special coordination meetings of various functional departments, focusing on studies, accommodation, transportation, closed management, etc., integrating various resources of the university and giving priority to guarantee;The school winter Olympics class office is located in the school youth League committee.At the same time, Qi Chenglong, as the director of the school’s winter Olympics special class office, led the winter Olympics work team to hold regular security scheduling meetings, on-site office, timely solve the problems existing in the students’ services, but also innovatively set up the “school security volunteer group”, that is, “volunteers of the volunteers”.The school is designed from top to bottom with comprehensive support, and strives to make every winter Olympics volunteer free from worries, warm heart, rest assured and comfortable into the service work.Qi Chenglong, a volunteer for the Olympics, was born in the 1980s.In Qi chenglong’s view, young people should strive to become useful and capable of taking on responsibilities, young people should do a good job in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics volunteer work.In the new era, we will be responsible and worthy of our youth.(China Education News – China Education News by Zhang Chunming

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