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China’s Hainan province will provide 71,000 school-age girls with free HPV vaccination in 2022, marking the first province in the country to introduce free HPV vaccination for school-age girls.Cervical cancer is a killer of women’s health. More than 99.7% of cervical cancers are caused by human papilloma HPV virus infection. Vaccination against HPV is an effective means to prevent cervical cancer.The vaccine is targeted at schoolgirls aged 13 to 14 and a half. The vaccine is a domestic bivalent vaccine with two doses, and the protection rate can reach 70 percent.CAI Xingpeng, director of grade 4 of maternal and Child Health Department of Hainan Provincial Health Commission, said: vaccination for girls of low age is an internationally recognized important measure for primary prevention of cervical cancer control. Early vaccination is effective.Hainan HPV vaccination work plan from the spring semester, school vaccination, community vaccination sites and other methods to carry out orderly.The HPV vaccine should also be given to men, a professor has said.Men should get HPV vaccine if they can’t get it?How to choose different HPV vaccines?What should I pay attention to when getting vaccinated?↓Q1: Bivalent, quadrivalent, and nine-valent HPV vaccinesAt present, there are three kinds of cervical cancer vaccines that can be inoculated in China: bivalent, quadruvalent and nine-valent, and the “valent” represents the type of virus that can be prevented by the vaccine.Q2: How should HPV vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine be arranged?Vaccination against HPV does not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, but simultaneous vaccination is not recommended, and it is recommended to ensure that the two vaccines are at least two weeks apart.Q3: Do men also need HPV vaccine?HPV is not just for women, both men and women can be infected and can be passed on to each other.But the pathogenicity of male infection is relatively less severe than that of female infection.Men can get the HPV vaccine, but it is not currently available in the country.Men and women in the choice of vaccine will be different, men can be vaccinated against HPV only four and nine, because four and nine can prevent cervical cancer, but also can prevent condyloma, anal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer and some other atypical lesions.Q4: Can women get HPV vaccine during menstruation, lactation, pregnancy and pregnancy?Menstruating women: Can receive any HPV vaccine as normal.Nursing women: Be careful when getting vaccinated.Pregnant women: Avoid vaccinations.Women preparing for pregnancy: it is best to avoid preparing for pregnancy and avoid contraception for six months after vaccination.If a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it is recommended to delay or interrupt the vaccination program until the end of pregnancy.Q5: Had infected HPV or had cervical cancer pathological changes, can vaccinal inoculation be returned after cure?They can be vaccinated after they are cured, and they can reduce the recurrence rate of the disease, and they can also protect against other types of HPV that have not been infected before.Content screen source network, if there is infringement, will be deleted immediately

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