Want to study in Japan?Forget the language schools, here come the 30 Japanese high sister schools

Shinmun International Education, founded in September 2010, Japan International High School in Shanghai, has 11 years of experience in Prestigious Japanese schools.More than 1,000 students have successfully completed their high school studies and entered Japanese universities and graduate schools for further study.At present, it has cooperated with Shanghai Wenlai Middle School, Shanghai Gaoto Zhiyuan Innovation School, Shenzhen No. 3 Senior High School, Changsha Mingda Middle School, Shenzhen Liren Senior High School, And Hongwen School Chengdu Campus (classes will be opened in September 2022), and is preparing to open sino Japan International High School · Suzhou Campus.In addition, the consuls general of Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai highly agreed with Shino’s educational philosophy, and visited shino international Education Cooperative School for many times to deliver public lectures and interact with students cordially.Shanghai Gaoteng Zhiyuan Innovative School is backed by Greenland Hong Kong Group and has unique resource advantages.The school has perfect teaching space and comprehensive hardware facilities to provide students with a good learning environment and accommodation conditions.The founder and pioneer of “2+1.5 Japan High School Study Program”, more than 1,000 students have successfully completed the “2 years in China +1.5 years in Japan” high school study, and entered Japanese universities and graduate schools for further study.Japanese campus management and Japanese foreign teachers are not required for students to learn Japanese.Using Japanese original textbooks and Japanese campus management, Japanese foreign teachers teaching.In the course, we enjoy the high quality high school education of Both China and Japan, receive the whole person education with Japanese characteristics, and quickly integrate into the foreign country without barriers.International talent training base, 30 Sister schools of Japanese High School Resources Kyushu University overseas talent training base, seamlessly close to 30 sister schools of Japanese high school, the whole process without intermediary intervention.All students are recommended to enter prestigious Universities in Japan, opening a new educational route for students.Create a safe learning environment.One-stop education service, visa rate of 100%And do a good job for students before studying abroad special guidance, application recommendation, to ensure that after graduating from high school smoothly connected with Japanese high-quality universities.Abundant restaurants, fine dining and comfortable residential accommodation for 2021 student admissions

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