“Worldly” : other people’s love is possessed, only Cao Debao is designed by Qiao Chunyan?

In this world, several of the leading actors are enjoying or approaching their own love, such as zhou Bingyi, Zhou Bingkun and Zhou Rong, as well as Cao Debao.The three zhou siblings, since 1969, each embarked on a different life path, the eldest zhou Bingyi in the army, the second Zhou Rong to Yunnan, the third Zhou Bingkun stayed at home to become a worker.Three paths, three lives, three loves.In contrast, the eldest brother Zhou bingyi’s love is the most normal, the two people hit it off, naturally came together, almost no resistance.And second zhou Rong and old three Zhou Bingkun’s love let Zhou Fu cannot understand, cannot accept, because Zhou Rong and Zhou Bingkun’s love is really like a demon.Second Zhou Rong took the initiative to go to the countryside, alone from the northeast to Yunnan, only to get together with the already identified poet Feng Cheng, and Feng Cheng’s situation is very bad.Old 3 zhou Bingkun more “outrageous”, actually to “widow” Zheng Juan fall in love at first sight, completely to the degree of the magic, from now on no idea to see other girl more.However, although both zhou rong and Zhou Bingkun’s love affairs are bizarre, they are full of romantic colors, and in that context, very charming.And outside zhou jia 3 siblings, the love that still has a person is very interesting, the love of others is possessed, only Cao Debao is designed by Qiao Chunyan.As a matter of fact, Cao Debao and Qiao Chunyan fell in love at first sight. The first time they met, they fell in love with each other. That night they both drank a lot of wine.Of course, what happened next was even more outrageous.After dawn, Qiao Chunyan ran out “crying and Shouting” to Find Zhou bingkun, saying she had been bullied.Then zhou Ma a few tentative words to determine, Qiao Chunyan zhong Cao Debao.Cao Debao, on the other hand, only said that he had drunk too much at night and did not remember anything.So what happened during the night?Is it true that she was drilled into bed as Qiao Chunyan said?Cao Debao certainly didn’t have the guts, and the important thing was that by the time Zhou bingkun was woken up in the morning, Cao Debao was gone.With the words of love and love that Qiao Chunyan said to her parents at home, the audience has reason to suspect that cao Debao was designing the event that night.Either that or Cao debao didn’t do anything, because qiao chunyan’s crying the next morning was so fake.Or, qiao Chunyan quietly called Cao Debao at night, because with her forbearing character, drunk to do this kind of thing is not unexpected.Things, of course, the results for Cao Debao, also quite good, otherwise to before Qiao Chunyan Zhou Bingkun “entangled”, if not as a design and whether Qiao Chunyan themselves, or Zhou Bingkun this aspect are difficult, and in so doing, not only to avoid the embarrassment, also makes the Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao can quickly together.So, was Cao Debao designed?Happy twist, from Wei Xiang’s “The Killer is not too calm” began “The Beginning” : the hero’s last full of blood return, obscure point to the essence of the cycle “River Dawn” Ma Sichun played the heroine was killed after domestic violence?Three key points lock explosive series

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