0-2 to 3-2!93-minute kill!Jia Xiuquan did you see this: The Chinese women’s soccer team won the gold medal in a miracle

On February 6th, Beijing time, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team 3-2 in the final of the Asian Women’s Cup, winning the Asian Cup for the ninth time and again in 16 years.This match is like twists and turns, in the first half, China lost 2 goals in a row, 0-2 down, in the second half, sonor Rose did not give up in adversity, Tang Jiali point shot back, then assist Zhang Linyan headed the goal to equalize the score, 93 minutes of extra time, Xiao Yuyi single strike, The Chinese women’s football team 3-2 reverse South Korea women’s football championship!It is true that The Chinese women’s football team is declining in strength, but they can come back from two goals down to beat the world champion Japan, and they can come back from 2-0 down to 3-2 win the championship against South Korea. The Chinese women’s football team who never give up is really worthy of respect!All of this is thanks to Shui Qingxia’s excellent talent and accurate response to the situation. From last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, The Chinese women’s football team came back from a disastrous defeat, to today’s successive gold MEDALS in Japan and South Korea, Shui Qingxia did simply change a wave of players, and then won the gold medal.We could have done better and achieved better results in the Tokyo Olympic Games, but it was ruined by Jia Xiuquan, who took the Olympics as a training ground, which is not the strength of The Chinese women’s football team.Now thanks to Shui Qingxia, let the fans see the familiar clang rose, congratulations to The Chinese women’s football team, won the Asian Cup after 16 years, is also the team’s history of the 9th champion!

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