“My New Year’s wish” The New Year, come together to “unlock” Linxia public security civilian auxiliary police’s New Year’s wish!

With expectations with dreams we entered the New Year standing at the starting point of 2022 we look forward to looking forward to the future linxia public security posts of the auxiliary police also made a different New Year’s wishes on the arrival of the Spring Festival New Year’s wishes Linxia State Public Security Bureau La Zhiyong: Love the mountain sea, fireworks with long Ming.I hope that in the New Year, all encounters can be filled with warmth, all beauty can come as promised, I hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, and I hope that all my comrades can work hard, stay healthy, have a happy family and thrive day by day!I wish my body fat rate would stop rising, my memory would stop falling, and my hairline would stop receding!Wang Lei, Linxia Public Security Bureau: Growing up is a particularly difficult introspection. I have experienced many challenges in the past year, so I cherish these little drops.My New Year’s wish is: I hope to learn new ideas of propagandists in the work in the New Year, and record a new chapter with the most sincere shot and sound of every frame!In life can do less milk tea drink more hot water, on the road to weight loss yue Zhanyue Yong!Go to bed early, get up early, don’t stay up late, fight for improper hair loss!I wish my parents good health and all the best to my friends and colleagues.I hope that everyone who lives seriously, loves life and works hard in 2022 will be safe in the New Year, continue to harvest, continue to grow, and continue to shine!Guanghe County public Security Bureau Kang Lanmei: The sun and the moon in the past, can not be recovered.Looking back at 2021, we are busy and happy as we stick to the “EPIDEMIC” line and forge ahead, overcoming difficulties one by one.Outlook 2022, the New Year, with a thankful heart, once again, love the family a little more, love myself a little more, hope my family are all in peace, healthy, and I hope that my colleagues from pain and dangerous, illegal crime less hope society, at a small incident, 2022, but let our eyes have a bear, a love in your heart, go public security people!!!!!!!Qi Guoyu, Public security bureau of Jishishan County: day in stick to the post, day by day, it is a New Year, this year of the tiger compared to the last year of the tiger, my desire is less, but more persistent, I hope to be able to achieve.My first and biggest wish is that the epidemic will end soon and our country will be more prosperous.My second wish is also the most common wish, I hope parents old pace a little slower, as a child, I want a little more filial opportunity.My last wish is to look forward to every time comrades out of the police, can safely return.Qi Xiaoling, Public Security Bureau of Linxia city: In the New Year, may the motherland be safe and prosperous.May parents often accompanied by peace, health often follow;May friends wish for all, all smooth road;Wish comrade-in-arms no disaster, no difficulty, interesting look forward to;Let me and the public security team in every star together with experience skills, loyalty and responsibility, break through thorns, ride the wind and waves, see the river at the top of the mountains, in the peaks of the long wind, with our star power, with a belief, keep a warm sun, according to a city, protect a party peace.Ma Xiaoyan, Public Security Bureau of Kangle County: In 2022, I hope the local people will be less angry and more friendly, and more understanding and tolerant of our police.I hope our comrades can spend more time with their families, fulfill their small wishes, enjoy a beautiful life outside work, love themselves more, have “love” always around, happy as flowers!I wish our people a happy, happy and healthy New Year.Linxia County Public Security Bureau Ma Yaling: youth has many looks, I am very glad that my youth has the appearance of wearing police uniform, “nine feet of platform, from the base of soil;A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”In the New Year, I hope the epidemic will subside as soon as possible and my family, friends and colleagues will be safe, healthy and happy.At the same time, I want to strengthen the daily training, to assist the police to do a good job of emergency work, fully into the police auxiliary work, to do to the war, the war will win!No matter which kind of police have a common New Year wish that is to protect the safety of the people in the New Year they will not forget the beginning of the heart as always with practical action to practice the people’s police clank oath -END-

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