All Roads for Hong Kong artists heading north

The story keeps coming up.On the eve of this year’s New Year’s Eve (January 30), the “I hang on to you (I miss you so much) — Hong Kong Stars New Year Interactive Live concert” planned and produced by TVB was staged on TVB’S wechat video account.It was TVB’s first event on its wechat video account, which was held in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.More than 34.6 million people watched the concert in less than six hours of live interaction, setting a new record for live video on the platform.The concert is not only a prelude to the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China in 2022, but also a new epitome of Hong Kong artists’ development in the north.More and more Hong Kong entertainers have come to the mainland to develop their careers, from filming films to participating in popular variety shows, to participating in Tik Tok and live streaming.As the first director to open a studio in the mainland, Peter Chan knows the likes and pains of mainland audiences.He can tell stories and he can choose stories.”The Warlords” in 2007, “American Dreams in China” in 2013, “Champion” in 2020…From history to reality, he can always grasp the audience’s concern emotionally, refract social topics and generate interaction.If Peter Chan’s films tend to be more life oriented, Dante Lam, who specializes in gangster films, and Tsui Hark, who is familiar with martial arts films, have a more steady touch on the audience’s emotional points.The films “The Wisdom of Tiger Mountain”, “Operation Mekong”, “Operation Red Sea” and “Changjin Lake” (part I & Part II) made the main-theme films in the mainland truly enter the road of commercialization.Stephen Chow’s comedies are important not only in Hong Kong but also in the mainland.It is not surprising that his films such as Cj7 have repeatedly broken the box office records of mainland films because of their influence on mainland audiences.Ann Hui, as one of the few female directors in Hong Kong who went to the north, has made several films co-produced by the North, but her most impressive works are in recent years, such as The Golden Age, A Simple Life and The First Fire of Fragrance. Although there is no big breakthrough in box office, most of her stories are realistic and exquisite.These are not the only directors heading north. John Woo, David Lau, Raymond Lee, Jason Tang, Wilson Yip, Wong Jing and many other well-known Hong Kong directors are among them.But over the years, some characteristics gradually show, have a foothold in the mainland, and some find a new way.As people disappear, so do new people.Pang Ho-cheung’s “Love in a Puff” has become the standard for a good love story in the hearts of audiences, while Xu Hongyu’s “Like You” and “Home At One Point” have exquisite and unique insights into the world of young people.In addition, it is worth noting that during the years when Hong Kong directors went north, the mainland and Hong Kong film and television capital also began to cooperate.TVB has cooperated with Penguin Pictures and Youku Video successively, and Media Asia Pictures and Youku Video successively. Most of the works cooperated with are familiar Hong Kong TV series sequels, such as Apostle Walker 2, Apostle Walker 3 and The Runny Heart 3, etc.More and more Hong Kong actors are coming to the mainland to develop, and the road is getting wider.Before “Legend of Zhen Huan” in CAI Shaofen with the help of the queen in the mainland market foothold, after William Chan because of “Ancient Sword legend tan” in the mainland market cut a figure, she Sheman because of “Temples is not begang red” and other dramas officially entered the mainland market……The prosperity of the mainland film and television market has attracted a large number of Hong Kong actors, while these Hong Kong actors, regarded as “childhood memories” by the audience, have brought the “familiar feeling” to the mainland film and television works, and the two complement each other.In addition to filming film and television works, Hong Kong artists have also added variety shows as an important option on their way to the north.When artists compete on the same stage, the most stable performers must be Hong Kong artists.Chase the Light!The singing and dancing performance of Cheung Wai-kin, the stage show of the “brothers” in the Big Bay Area, and the golden songs of Alan Tam and Chung Zhentao in the music variety Concert in Time, all brought back the happy memories of countless people.Zheng Xiyi’s strong singing and dancing ability in “Sister who Rides the Wind and waves” has aroused heated discussion among netizens.Hong Kong actress Hu Xinger has become better known to the audience for her outstanding performance in the TV show “Actors please Sit for the second season.”Variety shows such as “Running Man, Brother” (currently renamed “Running Man”), “Big Bang Show”, “Trump Card against Trump Card” and “Immersed” have made Wang familiar and loved by mainland audiences. Hong Kong singers such as Peter Wong, Hacken Lee, and Ku Ju-ki also became popular again thanks to “I Am a Singer”.In addition, there are also “tailored” variety shows for Hong Kong artists, such as Mango TV’s “Night in Wan Chai”, and mango TV and TVB’s new variety show “The Voice”, aiming to compete for Cantonese songs.There are more and more family stories in the APP that young people in mainland China are keen on.Andy Lau, Lai Yiu-cheung, Chow Haimei, Wen Zhao-lun and others entered Douyin, Jackie Chan, Wang Zu-lan, Xie Tian-hua, Wu Zhixiong and other entered Kuaishou, sharing work and daily life;There are even people learn from other artists to open live with goods, and active interaction with netizens.Billie Chan, who became famous in the Mainland for her role in the anti-poverty documentary The Road to Infinity, was one of the Hong Kong artists who joined Douyin. She began sharing her business trips in Beijing with Billie Chan at the end of last year, opening a window for Hong Kong residents to learn more about China’s development.From directing films, shooting dramas, participating in variety shows and entering short video platforms, the booming entertainment industry in the Mainland provides more development opportunities for Hong Kong entertainers. Hong Kong entertainers and mainland entertainers complement each other and form diverse and prosperous forms of entertainment.Editor: Yi Wu Author: Ai Luo Fei Editor: Yuan Zi (some pictures from Internet)

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