High school goddess’s husband lost his job

High school the goddess of the husband lost his job, alas sigh of hardship, he husband learning and thought of management, early heard that I was informed that the official unemployment goddess in the financial industry is mixed can take the initiative to chat with me and ask if there is any chance we human resource training department has a vacancy but I refused, literally an elaborate about her, after all, see her eyes, she is 40 years old,I’m not the lady I used to be who could whip me around and get me out of my way and I’m not the dog licker I think the way adults do things is by exchanging favors,Besides feeling and a few friends when I was a student I don’t believe that feelings — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — line thanks for your comment, I think I just d silk to the lifelong has 35 user comments on this article:[] Niming: It’s sad, it’s schadenfreude. (2022-02-17 09:50)[] GarageFund: Learning and Thinking (2022-02-17 10:34)[] GarageFund: Learning and thinking and thinking (2022-02-17 10:34)(2022-02-17 10:45)[-5]SpockLee:(2022-02-17 10:54)[] FanZ: Actually, finance is probably the next industry to be picked up.(2022-02-17 11:02)[] UserGuest: Lickin ‘Dog Confession (2022-02-17 11:16)[-2]Cathyisagirl:(2022-02-17 11:0211:24)[-5] ArChina: A realistic dwarf who only gets pleasure typing on the Internet.(2022-02-17 11:55)[-5]KaitoKuroba: Tea Language tea language (2022-02-17 12:02)[-5] SkySummer: It has nothing to do with being rich or poor, it has to do with being a person.What about gloating?!(2022-02-17 12:13)[-5] Slippercc: You are so annoying (2022-02-17 12:21)[]Yurimi: Men have this idea?My classmate helped her husband get a job,(2022-02-17 12:29)[-5] Anoe: Love which (2022-02-17 12:34)[+5] Brainstone: Last sentence in place (2022-02-17 12:43)[-5] Spiderman87: Spiderman87At least I married the goddess (2022-02-17 12:45)[-5]IZOA: The evil spirit of the little man (2022-02-17 12:47)[+5]Ridiculous!(2022-02-17 12:55)Ridiculous!(2022-02-17 12:56)[+5] GuzIII: There is nothing wrong with the landlord, but not everyone wants to see and hear such a naked opinion (2022-02-17 13:05)[-5]KD51: The landlord is fucking rubbish,Good luck getting laid off and seeing what it feels like to be looking for a job (2022-02-17 13:10)[+5] Lixunhuansk: Supporting you, giving blessings is a moral bitch.Why help without profit?(2022-02-17 13:18)[+5] Sergio :(2022-02-17 13:20)[+5] Sergio :(2022-02-17 13:20)[+5][] ConnienA0228: That’s the truth, but it’s still weird…(2022-02-1713:21)[+5] Lissaw: (2022-02-1713:28)[-5] FriendLiu :(2022-02-1713:47)[-5] FriendLiu :(2022-02-1713:47)[-5] FriendLiu :(2022-02-1713:47)[-5] FriendLiu :(2022-02-1713:47)[[i136:1 help is love not help nothing.2. It is understandable that an enemy is happy, but why is God happy?(2022-02-17 13:59)[]g3191: He has what you don’t have,What you have he may only need temporarily.(2022-02-17 14:04)[+5] Newhopes: There is nothing wrong with trying to save face. (2022-02-17 14:06)[+5] Newhopes: There is nothing wrong with ignoring these fake saints who call you disgusting people. (2022-02-1714:12)[-5] Verstappen: I’m sure you’d be a dog if you lost your job (2022-02-17 14:15)

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