In 2021, The key work of Qingyang Public Security achieved fruitful results by knocking down 4 gangs of evil forces and destroying 63 electric fraud dens

On January 19, qingyang Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference on the key work of the city’s public security organs in 2021.In 2021, the public security organs of Qingyang city accepted 110 clues related to crime and crime, which have all been closed, defeated 4 criminal gangs of evil forces and 2 “village tybs”, captured 35 people involved in crime and solved 42 criminal cases of various types.Municipal Public Security Bureau and Xifeng Public Security Bureau were awarded “National Public Security Organs Anti-mafia special struggle outstanding collective” and “province anti-mafia special struggle advanced unit”, municipal Public Security Bureau anti-mafia office was praised by the Ministry of Public Security.In terms of cracking down on illegal crimes, the city’s public security organs set up 6,556 criminal cases, solved 2,435 of them, and cracked all 22 existing homicide cases, with the case solving rate remaining 100% for seven consecutive years.The special campaign against cultural relics crimes yielded fruitful results, with 31 cases solved, 66 criminal suspects arrested and 918 cultural relics recovered.At the same time, 42 criminal cases involving food, drug and environmental protection were investigated, 14 cases involving tobacco were investigated, and 68 criminal cases involving pornography and gambling were investigated. The effectiveness of “three strikes” on public security ranked first in the province.The city’s public security organs further promoted the “Yunjian 2021”, “Great Wall 2”, “break the card”, “100-day battle” and other special actions, a total of 2,269 electric fraud cases, solved 461 cases, solved 2505 cases in other provinces, captured 729 criminal suspects, broke 68 criminal gangs, destroyed 63 dens;The early warning dissuaded 192,200 people suspected of being cheated (times), avoided losses of more than 23.55 million yuan, stopped payment of the involved funds of about 236 million yuan, and froze 49.32 million yuan of the involved funds. More than 453,600 people in the city registered the “Golden Bell mask” early warning program, and more than 728,000 people were protected. The safety of people’s property was better guaranteed.In the social security prevention and various kinds of special rectification of public security, the city’s 988 hotels and 48 entertainment industry to implement real-name registration management, shut down and shut down 45 places related to pornography and gambling problems.We regularly organized and carried out comprehensive and multi-faceted investigation and rectification of hidden dangers for public security, and conducted public security inspection on 31 explosive devices, 185 explosive chemicals and 141 hazardous chemicals, and found 34 hidden dangers for rectification.The municipal public security organs also focused on prominent problems affecting people’s sense of security and happiness, investigated and remedied 35 hidden problems of unpaid wages for migrant workers, investigated and solved 16 criminal cases of refusing to pay labor remuneration, recovered more than 13.7 million yuan of unpaid wages for migrant workers, and protected their legitimate rights and interests to the maximum extent.We investigated and dealt with 687,400 traffic violations of various types, detained 886 people administratively and 850 people criminally, and revoked 912 driving licenses, thus ensuring traffic safety and creating a favorable travel environment.

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