I heard that the cancellation of the company, tax will check the account for three years?

I heard that the cancellation of the company, tax will check the account for three years?The cancellation of the company belongs to the normal enterprise behavior, no longer operate, it is faced with the cancellation problem.Cancellation of the company needs to pay attention to various matters, such as “tax collection and management law” article 52 has provisions: a lot of unknown boss will have doubts, cancellation of the company, tax will check the accounts of three years?!Cancellation of the company tax will check the accounts of three years in fact, the policy did not mandatory provision cancellation must audit accounts, whether it is necessary to audit accounts, relevant departments will be determined according to the specific circumstances of the cancellation of the enterprise.At the end of July this year, the State Administration of Market Regulation and Taxation jointly issued a notice about the cancellation of registration: notice is clear, will improve the simple cancellation registration process, which means that as long as the relevant rules and regulations go through the process, the cancellation of the company not only does not necessarily need to audit, but will be more convenient.Can the company not run not cancel?Even if the policy of cancellation of the company’s process is becoming more convenient, but still many business owners do not want to cancel the company after the company does not operate, one is extra cost, two is not professional for the cancellation process is more cumbersome, afraid of trouble.Pay attention!Xiaobian here to remind you that the company is no longer operating must be cancelled!These 4 violations harm you must be clear: Xiaobian here to remind you that in the process of cancellation registration, we must go through the relevant cancellation process in accordance with the actual situation, do not conceal, otherwise, the relevant departments found, will cancel the cancellation registration application oh!So how can a boss save tax legally?Security take money home, the boss of five methods (remember, the company is the boss, but money is not the boss of the company) 1, the boss gave his salary: the boss for his salary and bonus at the end of the method of paying tax gap is great: send your salary every month 29000, award, 144000, 500000, annual income tax rate is only 11%.Compare that to a BMW 740!Description: The severance compensation is less than 3 times of the average local salary, and it can be tax-free.Set up a sole proprietorship enterprise provides consulting services to the company, a sole proprietorship enterprise can be safely back to the 4.75 million 4, the boss sold his car to the company description: second-hand transfer price is lower than the original price duty-free methods: sell his car 600000, car or you go on, safely back to 600000, and all the related expenses car can submit an expense account.5, set up the brand center of the sole proprietorship enterprise description: their own goods or professional through the authorization of their own fees: put in the company’s trademark or patent, the company pays the relevant brand authorization fees, after the approval of the comprehensive tax rate is 5%, safe back 2 million.Two, ten methods of tax saving planning: 1, the use of the nature of the enterprise tax saving (limited liability companies, general taxpayers, small-scale taxpayers, individual tax rates are different) 2, business separation (such as:Installed air-conditioning business split into short harmonic) 3, change the supply chain (remodeling, shorten, extended supply chain), 4 5, change the mode of operation, change the way of trade and location (tax depression) 6, restructuring, merger and division 7, use of preferential tax policies 8, transfer profit (such as profits by pricing the upstream company transferred to the downstream low rates) 9 10, the use of external expertsWhen it comes to taxation, in addition to individuals, it can be said that all enterprises need to consider the big problem, even Jack Ma, Liu Qiangdong is also among them, otherwise how can jack Ma have no salary, and Liu Qiangdong’s annual salary is only one dollar such things appear?In fact, the above use of this tax avoidance way, is “tax avoidance” one of the many tax avoidance ways in this book, this book uses hundreds of real cases, various tax avoidance methods combined, tell you how to correct and reasonable tax avoidance.Is not a lot of people think that the problem of tax avoidance only those outstanding financial will know, in fact, the boss is also to understand a certain tax knowledge, so as to reasonably help the company save expenses, so that you can maximize the income.Tax Avoidance will be updated in 2021, applicable to the new tax laws and taking advantage of the latest preferential policies. If you are a business owner, financial person or high-income person, this book is perfect for you to read.(Note: the above information, for reference only, do not detour, legal tax, everyone’s responsibility) two books less than a few cups of milk tea money “tax avoidance”, friends in need can click below to buy:

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