Warm winter, this cold sauce, warm stomach, warm body and warm heart

A combination of aromatic herbs, Onions and bell peppers.It’s recommended for light salads and a great accompaniment to grilled meats.It can also be used for the production of Chinese cold dishes.Cider vinegar – an all-natural cider vinegar made by biological fermentation of cider and apple juice.In addition to salads, it is also suitable for sweet and spicy sauces, salsa, hors d ‘oeuvres, pickles and pickled fish.High nutritional value, acidity of 5°, pure biological fermentation.By KUEHNE use material qianlayer belly 300 grams of guanli apple cider vinegar 20 grams of Prickly ash oil 5 grams of light soy sauce 10 grams of spring onion 1 root salt 6 grams of garlic 4 cloves guanli vanilla salad dressing 45 grams of sesame oil 3 grams of oil shrew 15 grams millet pepper 2 coriander a small amount of ginger 4 pieces of fried peanuts a small amount of practice steps 1, prepare ingredients;2. Boil water in a pot;3, ginger, garlic, millet pepper, spring onion, coriander, peanuts minced standby;4, open the water into the melaleuca belly cooked out;5. Add cider vinegar;6. Add vanilla salad dressing.7, oil shreds, salt, pepper oil, sesame oil, light soy sauce;8, wait until the melaleuca belly is not hot;9, pour the sauce (according to their own taste adjust and then pour);10. Mix well;Super fun!Tip 1. Adjust the amount of ingredients and condiments according to the number of people in your family and your taste. 2.Cooking delicious have skills, my every dish has a small trick, we search “bean fruit” can directly view my recipe!Bookmark and follow this recipe if you like!Feel free to share your suggestions for this dish in the comments below.

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