For the seventh consecutive year, the Michigan Lottery has set a new record by donating $1.419 billion to grants in fiscal 2021

Michigan Governor Whitmer announced that the state’s lottery donated a record $1.419 billion to the state’s school aid fund in fiscal 2021, $240 million more than in fiscal 2020, according to multiple us media reports.This is the third year in a row that the Michigan Lottery has contributed more than $1 billion to the endowment fund, and the seventh record donation in a row.”When Michiganders win, our students and schools benefit,” said Michigan Governor Whitmer.The state Lottery’s contributions to the school Aid Fund ensure a student learning experience, provide schools with funding for K-12 programs, and ensure that every family has access to a quality public education.For the seventh year in a row, our state lottery has made a record contribution to the student fund, demonstrating that we in Michigan put our students first.Without raising taxes, we’ve closed the funding gap between schools, increased aid per student, and improved school facilities.We thank everyone who has made this significant investment in their children.”In addition, Michigan’s lottery has increased its contributions to the state’s school aid fund by a cumulative 78.5 percent since it first broke records in fiscal 2015.Specifically,Fiscal year 2015: $795.5 million; fiscal year 2016: $888.9 million; fiscal year 2017: $924.1 million; fiscal year 2018: $941.2 million; fiscal year 2019: $1$70 million (6.8 billion yuan), compared with $1.179 billion in fiscal 2020.The data also showed that Michigan lottery dealers collected $370.9 million in commissions in fiscal 2021, also a record high and an increase of more than 82 percent from $203.6 million in fiscal 2015.Throughout fiscal year 2021, Michigan has 925 lottery dealers that generated more than $1 million in ticket sales across the state.Throughout the fiscal year, Michigan’s statewide lottery sales topped $5 billion, with cumulative winnings of more than $3.1 billion, both record highs.Since its inception in 1972, Michigan’s lottery has raised more than $26 billion for public education in the state.In the past seven years alone, the state lottery has raised $7.2 billion, or 28 percent, for public education.

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