What could be worse?Nets no. 44 rookie missed the dunk, Nash heart plug, really out of ideas

February 17, Beijing time, NBA regular season game, New York Derby, the Nets away to the Knicks.Edwards, the Nets’ no. 44 draft pick, missed an embarrassing dunk in the second quarter. Could it get any worse?Nash was so overwhelmed, he couldn’t do anything.Again, the Nets were without a star to lead them, but they did the same in their last game, when they snapped an 11-game losing streak.But the game didn’t work, digging a 20-point hole in the first quarter, and they were pummeled 18-38.In the first quarter, the Nets struggled from the outside, making just 1 of 13 3-point attempts, with Seth Curry making one and no one else.The Knicks hit eight 3-pointers on 11 attempts, one at a time.Worse things happen during these gloomy times.In the first half of the second quarter, the Nets made a play, and Edwards, the 14th overall pick in the second round, broke through and drove to the basket with no one left to defend him. As a result, an unexpected scene appeared.Edwards tried for a two-handed dunk, but missed it, another classic example of a five-point shot going to a five-point embarrassment.That’s really demoralizing. How advanced can you be expected to be if you miss that kind of score?So Nash was very upset.With durant, Kyrie Irving and other superstars, the solution is easy to rely on their individual ability.Without a star, he relied on tactics, teamwork, biting, time-outs and luck, all of which, in the first half, Nash did not have much use.But comfort yourself, now has the bottom, can not be worse, put the mentality of play.

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