What would you do with a million dollars in cash?

What would you do with a million dollars in cash?Which country’s hostel do you prefer?Both rely on technology. Can Batman beat Iron Man with this battle suit?To describe it in one word, you can’t use fat.I just get engaged during the day and pull myself out at night.Check this out, too. You might get a little surprise.Does riley’s arrival in Pirates Mean that the windless zone has lost its role as a barrier to The island?Believe me, my nephew drew this in grade school. The point is, he didn’t learn it.One day, the girl you love is sick, in need of tens of thousands of dollars, you have no money, say I love you, will it help?I only know the bride. Which way should I go?How do you send a sentence to someone who knows computer?Every time go to KTV to send four or five circle of friends, for fear that others do not know the same.It’s a tough business for Ms. Meng.New job, new environment, I take them to dinner every day, I take the initiative to chat with them, but new colleagues are not willing to know more about me how to do?What can I do to get along with them?

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