Xi ‘an Wild goose tower public security measures and intimate guard “tiger” peace year

The Spring Festival lasts 7 days and 168 hours……At the moment of reunion, all the auxiliary police of Yanta Branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau warm the hearts of the people with “police” color in scenic spots, on the road, in the streets and lanes, and on ordinary posts, and protect social peace and people’s safety with sweat, hard work, loyalty and responsibility.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Yanta Branch of the Public Security Bureau made overall arrangements for the deployment, formulated work plans in advance, consolidated work responsibilities, and strengthened the implementation of measures.More than 16,000 police officers were on duty and patrol during the festival.Binge could not occurring in the case, not a major safety accidents such as fire, there was no influence on the punishment of public security cases, all kinds of activity is a safe and orderly, tourist attractions orderly, fireworks banned banned work management in place, the feast for the populace to create a clean and safe environment, to ensure the whole people during a festival, safe, and peaceful New Year.During the holiday, the Yanta Branch of the Public Security Bureau launched a high-level response to strengthen patrol prevention and control.Around important parts of the area, key units, urban main roads, popular scenic spots, busy streets and other densely populated areas, the three-dimensional, full-coverage patrol and prevention and control are carried out in the form of step patrol, vehicle patrol and uav patrol at different times, and the patrol antenna is constantly extended to improve the street police rate.At the same time, the inspection and control level of public security checkpoints will be strengthened.In Yanta, Chang ‘an, Qujiang and Gaoxin public security checkpoints to do every car, every person will be checked.We will strengthen strict inspection and control of people, vehicles and goods entering Beijing and Hebei, and resolutely ensure absolute safety of the passage from Shaanxi to Beijing and Hebei.In datang Never night City, Dayan Pagoda North and South Square, Datang never night city and other popular scenic spots, the police on duty always stick to their posts, in the crowd to show the warmest “fluorescent green”, plain clothes police hidden in the crowd to protect the masses “money bag”, to ensure the stability of the overall situation of the area of public security.Strict Management of Public Safety and prevention of safety accidents During the festival, the Yanta Branch of the Public Security Bureau continued to carry out investigations, inspections and rectification of hidden dangers of public safety, and strictly and meticulously conducted public safety supervision over civil explosive materials management, fire prevention, mass spontaneous activities and tourist attractions.Focus on the area of hotels, restaurants, Internet cafes, shops, old residential areas, densely populated places for all-round production safety and fire inspection, resolutely put an end to all unsafe accidents and hidden dangers.At the same time, we will implement the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and strengthen the verification and control of people, vehicles and cold chains passing through medium-high risk areas.Organize the police to continuously carry out epidemic prevention inspection on commercial supermarkets, entertainment venues, restaurants and other units;We will strictly enforce internal protection of public security forces and firmly build safety barriers for epidemic prevention and control.Strengthen the team management Set up a good image during the festival, the public security strictly carries out the wild goose pagoda bureau bureau leadership shift, the policeman on duty 24 hours system and major situation when reporting system, strengthen communication, vehicles, equipment support, ensure the timely and effective disposal in case of major emergency can, strictly tight pays special attention to the internal security management.Firmly establish the concept of law enforcement for the people, conscientiously perform their duties, civilized and standardized law enforcement, and constantly improve the people’s sense of security, satisfaction and public security organs of law enforcement credibility.At the same time, improve the awareness of service, strengthen the security protection and logistics support of the civilian auxiliary police.To ensure that the whole police go all out to the Spring Festival, winter Olympics security work, to ensure that the overall situation of social security during the Spring Festival in the region continued to be stable.Editor: Li Juan Editor: Ma Ning Editor: Yao Qiming

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