Changzhi City People’s Hospital 32 “tiger babies”, come!

On February 1, obstetrics department of Changzhi People’s Hospital ushered in 32 “tiger babies”, including two pairs of “dragon and phoenix babies”, the department specially prepared New Year gifts for “tiger babies”, the feeling of joy hanging in the eyes and brows of each family member.February 1, the year of the tiger bell, white fat, tiger head “cerebellar axe” they rushed to report.0:05, changzhi City people’s Hospital obstetrics of the first “tiger baby” smooth delivery, maternal Liang ushered in the weight of 4000 grams of male tiger baby, her husband joy turned up the eyebrow.At 0:58, Ms. Song was pleased with the twins, the mother and son are safe, the couple are happy to smile….In the baby’s cry, behind the parents’ laughter, there is a group of “life ferrymen” dressed in white.They have no gorgeous fireworks, no friends and relatives gathered, they use their own hands, with exquisite medical skills, with full of enthusiasm, protect the safe arrival of each new life.Even in the Spring Festival reunion is the same.From eight o ‘clock in the morning to twelve o ‘clock in the evening, su Rongli, an obstetrician in the hospital, did twenty operations in a row. When the reporter interviewed her, her movements were still quick and her speech was still very fast. She said: “From the moment we put on our work clothes, the holiday has nothing to do with us.What we care most is whether the mother is doing well, whether the fetal heart monitoring is regular and whether the baby’s first cry is loud.”Su’s doctor ding Xingwang, who got married last year, and his wife, who works as a nurse in the same obstetrics department as Qiqi, also worked with su.In the reunion of the Spring Festival, the husband and wife are on duty in the unit, although they are too busy to talk, but also have heart, know that this is another way to accompany.In order to welcome the arrival of the “tiger baby”, the obstetrical staff of the hospital are busy on the first day of the New Year. The anesthesiology and pain teams are doing their best to ensure that, in this special period, they escort pregnant women and newborns and cheer for the new life.(Jia Zhimin, Ma Cailian)

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