“Guangzhou Exhibition benefits” online registration + forwarding circle of friends: all will get a free audition disc

The third audio exhibition of the Year of the Tiger, “HAVE 2022 (the first) Guangzhou International Advanced Audio & Record Exhibition”, will be held on June 10-12 in Guangzhou Cawell Hotel.”Online registration + forwarding circle of friends: you can get a free audition disc, and have the chance to draw the exhibition commemorative disc” activity begins!Method is as follows: the first step: according to the following qr code image recognition, click on the “registration tools | solitaire statistics to make an appointment”, and then click new page to the lower right “signed up”, fill in the application.Step 2: Forward this article to your wechat moments.Step 3: Before 23:59, June 9, 2022, please take a screenshot of this message and send it to 18210676716 with your wechat name.All the audience of “online registration + forwarding circle of friends” can get a demo disc at the exhibition site.At the same time, we will randomly select 30 winners from the audience, and publish the list at the exhibition site. After checking with your wechat moments, we will distribute the exhibition’s commemorative record (so please do not delete this article).Note: 1. The demo disc presented as a gift is not the same as the exhibition commemorative disc.2, all “online registration + forwarding circle of friends” audience can get a free audition disc at the scene (first come, first served).3. Audiences who register online but do not forward this article to wechat moments will not get a free audition disc or participate in the lucky draw.4. The number of exhibition commemorative records will be 30 pieces, which will be drawn from the audience of “online registration + forwarding circle of friends”.The following is a video of a lucky draw to send commemorative records to the Wuhan Exhibition held in January, 04:34 Introduction to commemorative Records of the Exhibition. “Commemorative Records of the Exhibition” is jointly produced by HIFI And ABC (International) Records.Adhering to the principle of combining musicality and acoustics, the selected tracks are of various types and excellent recording, which can be used as a reference disc for auditions of audio equipment, as well as a classical music listening and appreciation, hoping to bring you good enjoyment and memories!, 00:15 long time, xiangxiangshengju, looking forward to your participation in the wechat circle of friends!HIFI Say brings you news, reviews, features, reviews and the latest news from the HAVE Premium Audiovisual show, including Fever Audio, Premium home audio, Home theater, portable HIFI.337 original content public account

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