Officer xuan!Women’s volleyball coach, Jiangsu head coach CAI Bin officially took office, Zhang Changning or captain

CAI Bin, former head coach of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, was officially appointed head coach of China women’s Volleyball team, the Chinese Volleyball Association announced today.CAI Bin is known as a little zhuge, erzhuan background, belongs to the domestic volleyball young warrior coach outstanding, rigorous training, hard, strict requirements, strict army management is CAI Bin’s style.On April 6, 2017, she won the best Women’s volleyball Coach in the 2016-2017 Volleyball League.On September 26, 2017, she won the Best Coach award of 2016-2017 China Volleyball League.As coach CAI Bin is resourceful, he led a group of teenagers to win the second place in the women’s volleyball league last year, which left no doubt about his coaching ability. With the Paris Olympic Games approaching, the selection of coaches made the volleyball association criticized, and forced them to choose a coach as soon as possible. Now the dust has finally settled.The women’s volleyball team will be formed as soon as possible, as has the student Zhang Changning will be a second life, people don’t avoid to kiss, almighty on standard of choose and employ persons become the new women’s volleyball team, when all people think Zhang Changning will fade out national team, teacher’s arrival, make Zhang Changning had complete style, women’s volleyball team captain or will let her, you say?Comments are welcome!

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