The total number of lianjiang abalone in spring farming is expected to exceed 3.5 billion

Chinese abalone see Fujian, Fujian abalone see Lianjiang.Lianjiang, the hometown of abalone in China, is expected to harvest 3.5 billion abalone in spring, it was reported Wednesday.To put it another way, the national average is 2.5 pills per person.Lianjiang fishermen are busy sorting abalone.It is abalone farming season, houwan village, Tai luzhuang town, Lianjiang County, is busy with spring farming.On the wharf to the north of Houwan Village, wu Yongshou, a big abalone farmer, invited more than 100 workers to separate the abalone of different sizes, screen them, put them into cages, and then transport them to the sea for hanging and raising.”I raised about 100 million abalone last year, and this year I plan to expand to 120 million.”According to Wu yongshou, releasing abalone seedlings is like planting crops. The seasonal nature is very strong, and all abalone must be released into the sea before the temperature and water temperature rise.In order to seize the opportunity, after the bay village surplus labor force all mobilized into abalone seedling work.During the seedling period, more than 1,000 workers worked on the dock.”We get up at 5 o ‘clock every day to feed abalone with asparagus. We have to feed more than 300 cages a day, and we don’t finish until 5 PM.”Dong Xiankun, a fisherman, told reporters that “spring farming” is busy, and fishermen are working from dawn to dusk, hoping abalone farming can have a good harvest.According to statistics, last year lianjiang county raised abalone area of 21,800 mu, output of 53,500 tons, output value of about 5 billion yuan.This year, as abalone market prices pick up, Lianjiang fishermen raise abalone enthusiasm.According to the Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries of Lianjiang County, the scale of abalone cultivation in Lianjiang has increased by about 5 percent year-on-year this year, and the number of seedlings is expected to exceed 2 billion. Including last year’s stock, the total abalone is expected to exceed 3.5 billion.

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